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Dave & Buster's Has Launched A New World On Roblox
Dave & Buster's announced that they have launched a new location on Roblox as you can go to a new world that is basiclaly their theme park This isn't a Roblox creation, this is entirely something the company did on their own as they've created a metaverse with a virtual location for people to visit[...]
Roblox Reveals New Content For Spotify Island: WonderWrapped
Roblox revealed new content coming to the game tied to Spotify as they celebrate the artists involved with 2022 Wrapped Spotify Island: WonderWrapped has been unveiled as the main Spotify Island mainland will be consumed with Wrapped-inspired quests, games, virtual merch, and photo booth opportunities All of which revolve around 12 different artists you can interact[...]
Roblox & Spotify Partner For Hip-Hop Island Collab
Spotify has teamed up with Roblox to bring players a unique experience within the game as you will be able to explore Planet-Hip-Hop This will be a totally unique experience in which you and others will be able to interact on a space dedicated to a specific genre of music and enjoy some awesome tunes[...]
Both Barbie & Polly Pocket Make Their Debuts In Roblox
Roblox Corporation announced they have partnered with Mattel to bring the worlds of Barbie and Polly Pocket to their game For the next month, players will be able to add both franchises in Livetopia, as you'll be able to visit Polly and her many friends' homes in their unique and compact form, while also being[...]
Kinetix Studio Announces Groovy Central Coming To Roblox
Kinetix Studio announced that they have a brand new game on the way specifically for Roblox as you can get your dance on with Groovy Central The team behind the game is extra proud of this one as they've partnered with Retro Shrimp to make an all-new 3D dancing game utilizing the platform Players will[...]
Hello Kitty Is Being Added To Roblox With A New Cafe
Sanrio has announced another new partnership today as they're teaming up with Roblox to bring Hello Kitty and friends to the game The virtual "My Hello Kitty Cafe" is designed to bring together thousands of players through one special shared experience.  The Cafe will come with several options for you and your friends to "imagine,[...]
He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe Comes To Roblox
Some fun news this morning for Roblox as the Netflix animated series He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe arrives in the game today In a brand new partnership with Mattel, the game is inviting players and Masters Of The Universe fans into this show's version of the world of Eternia Here you will be[...]
Sonic The Hedgehog Is Headed To Roblox In New Crossover
SEGA and Gamefam revealed this week that the two have partnered up to bring Sonic The Hedgehog over to Roblox for a special event You may have noticed a lot of Sonic stuff happening now that there's a second movie out about the blue blur, as they are promoting this one across the board in[...]
Mattel's Hot Wheels Open World Has Launched On Roblox
Mattel and Gamefam revealed today that they have released Hot Wheels Open World into the world of Roblox The game is an open-world driving experience where you get to use a number of cars from the Hot Wheels property to race around courses, earn achievements, and unlock other vehicles to play with It actually looks[...]
How My Family Became Obsessed With Adopt Me And Roblox
For about a year or so now we have allowed our daughter to play Roblox, the wildly popular community based gaming simulator She specifically enjoys playing Royal High and a pet life simulator named Adopt Me Parents with children, you more than likely know what I am talking about Adopt Me is one of the[...]