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Hot Wheels Unleashed Reveals Two New Games Trailers
Milestone Team and Mattel released two new trailers today for Hot Wheels Unleashed, showing off more gameplay and features Along with a brand new gameplay trailer, which we have for you below, the team showed off everything they could about the development of the game in a special gameplay showcase video that went live earlier[...]
Mario Kart Rainbow Road Race Track Comes To Hot Wheels
Dust off your karts as Hot Wheels is ready to take Mario Kart fans back to Rainbow Road with their newest track set Listings have recently appeared online, giving fas a quick look at the upcoming set The track will seemingly feature multiple construction options, from a straight shot to a more curved track The[...]
Milestone Team Announces Hot Wheels Unleashed
Milestone Team revealed a brand new racing title today with a familiar toy franchise as Hot Wheels Unleashed is coming this year The game is essentially every Hot Wheels fan's dream, as you'll be racing with an array of familiar cars over several generations across the familiar orange tracks You'll compete in regular raceways as[...]
Hot Wheels and NASA Team Up To Release Mars Rover Vehicle
Hot Wheels is ready to blast off as they announce their newest team-up vehicle with NASA On February 18, 2021, the Mars Perseverance Rover is expected to land, and no better way to show off the moment than with a new collectible Mattel has captured the Perseverance Rover in an amazing 1:64 scale replica This[...]
The Mandalorian Hot Wheels Revealed With New Animated Video
The Mandalorian is racing on into action as Mattel announces special character-themed Hot Wheels collectibles With the season two finale recently airing, the hit show is on everyone's mind, and Mattel is bringing it to the race track with their newest collectibles They have announced four special Hot Wheels Character Cars that are based on[...]
Mattel's Hot Wheels Open World Has Launched On Roblox
Mattel and Gamefam revealed today that they have released Hot Wheels Open World into the world of Roblox The game is an open-world driving experience where you get to use a number of cars from the Hot Wheels property to race around courses, earn achievements, and unlock other vehicles to play with It actually looks[...]
World Of Tanks Console Edition Launches Hot Wheels Collaboration
The console edition of World Of Tanks has launched its second season with a surprise collaboration with Hot Wheels Starting today and running all the way until December 7th, you'll have a chance to unlock a number of special rewards and tanks tied to the Season Two Pass, which includes six different tanks with a[...]
SDCC Hot Wheels from Mattel Have Arrived, Let’s Take a Look!
Hot Wheels was not holding back this year with two new exclusives, and boy did they bring the heat Two franchises were covered with Star Wars celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and Marvel with Avengers: Endgame Both collectibles feature unique diorama sets and definitely make you not want to open the[...]
"Gaslands" - War Rig vs Highway Patrol Battle Report
You know, the eccentric billionaire who dresses up as a bat to go and thwart crime using his amazing detective skills and a utility belt of gadgets? Yeah, you know him. Anyway, I created a team of cars for Gaslands which is comprised solely of Batmobiles taken from a recent Hot Wheels line based around DC Comics[...]
Journey Into the "Gaslands", Part 4
This is a story about how I managed to create the scariest vehicle in the game, the dreaded War Rig, out of little more than a Hot Wheels rig, a bit of paint, a few vehicular weapons from Aeronautica Imperialis, some other bits and bobs, and, not least of all, a vision. Vehicle Selection The first thing[...]
"Gaslands: Refueled" to be Released Soon!
I had taken a car from Hot Wheels' "Art Series", namely a 1956 Ford F-100, fashioned to resemble a Queen of Hearts card from a typical poker deck I needed it to have an edge to it, and so I added a flamethrower to its arsenal Afterward, instead of priming and painting the entire car,[...]
Hobby: Journey of a "Gaslands" Newcomer, Part 2
Therein, I managed to get myself about nine die-cast miniature cars (Hot Wheels, for those wondering), and converted exactly three Getting a decent paint job onto any of those vehicles was still a concept far from my mind at that time However, n the week that passed since I wrote that article, I've managed to[...]