MegaDev Receives $1.9M Funding From ESL Investors For PLITCH

MegaDev revealed this week that they have received $1.9 million in funding from ESL's parent company Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer & Co for PLITCH. In case you weren't aware of it, PLITCH is a subscription service that allows gamers to tailor an ever-increasing list of 2,500-plus PC games to perfectly suit their preferences, as well as help optimize the single-player game experience based on what they enjoy. Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer & Co didn't pitch in the entire amount, but they were the biggest contributor among several private investors, aimed at getting the service off the ground. You can read a couple of quotes from the announcement as we wait to see how that money will be spent.

The main logo for PLITCH, courtesy of MegaDev.
The main logo for PLITCH, courtesy of MegaDev.

"Nowadays, gamers range from schoolchildren to full-time professionals. From the point of view of game developers, it is almost impossible to create the perfect gaming experience for everyone. PLITCH overcomes that challenge by unlocking hidden game features, saving players time, reducing frustration, and making games more enjoyable on an individual basis," said Moritz Reck, analyst at Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer & Co. "As with the ESL, we see the opportunity for PLITCH to revolutionize the gaming world. We are firmly convinced that founders Christian C. Jänicke and Robert Maroschik and their team will lead the company into a successful future."

"Our focus is on further scaling our PLITCH platform, which is already used by hundreds of thousands of gamers," added Robert Maroschik, Managing Director and co-founder of MegaDev. "We see a great opportunity for immense growth in an underserved market; as our team's combination of technical ability and understanding of gamers' needs will enable us to open up new territories and further enhance our already impressively innovative technology. We are pleased that our investors, old and new, share our vision and will give us an infusion of knowledge and extensive expertise that will help us to grow and expand internationally."

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