Metal Gear Survive Gets a Hyperactive Trailer Preparing for This Week's Launch

Konami has released a new trailer to celebrate the nearing launch of Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive

There is something about Metal Gear Survive that has me genuinely interested. It's such a bizarre mash-up of franchise and genre that there certainly is a curiosity in seeing how the full game pans out. It's had a couple betas, but seeing how it comes together as a whole should be an interesting experience. A 'Metal Gear Solid zombie survival game' is a weird pitch, but one I'm I want to see play out.

We don't have long to see how it does, either, as the game is out February 22nd. That's this Thursday, and to celebrate, Konami has put together a pretty hyperactive trailer. It acts as an overview of the game, showing a whole lot in just a short amount of time. From story, to zombies, to base building, to stealthing around to even big monsters, it's all in here packed into under two minutes. If you've not seen anything about this game yet, it should be sufficiently bewildering. Take a look:

This is obviously Konami's first stab at the franchise by way of a console game since series creator Hideo Kojima famously left. Obviously Konami is doing something incredibly different here to really define that, and we will just have to wait and see both how critics and audiences receive the new effort. At least you can say, however the game turns out, this really is going to be a different kind of Metal Gear game.