Metal: Hellsinger Is Coming To Xbox One & PS4

Funcom and The Outsiders have reached a new milestone with Metal: Hellsinger, as they will be releasing the game on previous-gen consoles. First and foremost, the game has reached one million players, which everyone involved is super excited about as that is a lovely achievement to hit for a game with this much metal and demonic slaughtering. Second, the game will be getting a new update soon with the 1.5 Patch, which will add a few new options to the game. These include a brand new top difficulty (if you're looking to be punished), several new weapons, and more to explore. The patch will also coincide with he game being released on both the Xbox One and PS4, for those who didn't choose PC or had a next-gen console. We have more info on it below as the update is now live.

Metal: Hellsinger Is Coming To Xbox One & PS4
Credit: Funcom

"To thank all the Metal: Hellsinger players who voted for them (in multiple awards) and played the game, The Outsiders and Funcom have prepared a free digital artbook, available in-game for all players right now. Take a look at some of the concept art that led to the demons of today. Archdevil is the fourth and highest difficulty after Lamb, Goat, and Beast. It pushes the player to the limit, with more, stronger demons coming at them, and no last stand to rely on. A new Elite Seraph demon has also been added to the game. To aid the player there are new combos. Performing certain actions on consecutive beats — such as killing an enemy, soaring, then killing another — will award the player with additional fury and a higher score. Players are also invited to rediscover each map in order to find Coats of Arms Collectibles. Each level contains one hidden Coat of Arms at each difficulty, including Archdevil. Collect them to earn new weapon skins at certain thresholds and complete the whole set."

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