Mobile Puzzler ZHED Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Indie developer Ground Control announced today that they will be bringing the hit mobile puzzler ZHED to the Nintendo Switch this month. If you haven't tried the game out on iOS or Android, it's actually a pretty simple puzzler title that can become super complex. The game is based on a simple mechanic where it builds onto increasingly complex puzzles. You play by tapping a square and selecting a direction, and then watch to see how the board reacts and how all the other squares change when they start to intersect. Your goal is to build a path to fill the goal square, which will take you to the next level will show up! There are no timers, no clocks, no ratings, and no special tricks or cheats to get you out of a puzzle. You can reset and try again, but your results may vary from puzzle to puzzle. This was simply designed to be a brain-teaser title that forces you to concentrate and help build up your focus and memory skills. Here's a statement from the devs on how the game was designed.

Ground Control will finally bring ZHED to a console with the Switch.
Ground Control will finally bring ZHED to a console with the Switch.

"ZHED started out as a prototype called "Purple", who's design was very, very ugly. Then we decided to make it a mobile puzzle game, upgraded the look and feel (A LOT) and released it, without having a very clear plan on what it could and should be (as a game). As people started playing it on mobile, we noticed that we could do so much more and maybe there was a place for ZHED on other platforms, where he has a chance to evolve and reach its full potential as the pure puzzle game it is!"

The Nintendo Switch version will be coming with 100 handcrafted and curated puzzles, a soundtrack they describe as "chill", and the promise of more puzzles on the way after launch. Which will happen on April 16th, 2020 and will run you $3 in the eShop. If you want to see the game in action, they released a Switch trailer, which you can check out below.

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