Mother Of Frankenstein Tabletop Game Gets Fully Funded On Kickstarter

Hatch Escapes have just received full funding on Kickstarter for their new tabletop game Mother Of Frankenstein. The game went up this week with the goal of getting $33k for the game so they could start producing it. Shockingly, within 24 hours, it was fully funded to where (as of when we're writing this article) it has over $41 k with four weeks left to go in the campaign. Now that the game has funding for the main act, they are aiming for their next goals of Act 2 and 3 to be added to the game. You can read more about it below as this is a very intense and immersive narrative puzzle game in which everyone at the table will have to use their wits to solve everything and piece together clues left behind by author Mary Shelley.

Credit: Hatch Escapes
Credit: Hatch Escapes

The brainchild of Hatch Escapes — creators of the #1 Escape Room in LA as well as the #12 Escape Room in the world, and Arvind Ethan David, the lead producer of Jagged Little Pill on Broadway, a writer on Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and executive producer of the cult TV series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency — this unprecedented tabletop escape room game features a rich, emotional three volume narrative of love, loss, and rebirth. Like any great theatrical experience, Mother of Frankenstein puts narrative front and center, beginning with the true life story of the mother of gothic literature herself, Mary Shelley, author of the iconic Frankenstein, and expands into a speculative mystery full of heartbreak, suspense, the dark arts and female empowerment. Blending historical truths with fantastical fiction to tell Mary's story through documents and objects culled from various periods of her life, it's your job to uncover the "true" story of Frankenstein and discovering that perhaps Mary Shelley's infamous novel wasn't quite as fictional as we've been led to believe.

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