Mr. Sun's Hatbox Reveals New Additions With Free Demo

Before the game releases a Steam Next Fest demo, Mr. Sun's Hatbox showed off some new additions for you to try out.

Raw Fury and developer Kenny Sun revealed that Mr. Sun's Hatbox will have some new stuff to show off in the free Steam Next Fest demo. the slapstick roguelite platformer revealed that it will be coming with co-op for you and a friend to take on the game's many challenges, as well as PvP multiplayer added to the mix as you can take on others. The game will have a free demo today as part of Steam next Fest, which you can check out on its official Steam page.

Raw Fury Announces Mr. Sun's Hatbox At Gamescom 2022
Credit: Raw Fury

"When the dastardly Mr. Moon and his troublemakers steal poor Mr. Sun's hatbox delivery, it's up to you as an honorable courier to get that hat back! Establish and upgrade your HQ, build up a crew of reformed hat thieves, and go on dangerously ridiculous heists to get the job done. Whether you opt for careful stealth or charge into combat guns blazing, you'll make use of a closetful of diverse headgear and weapons to return the stolen package to its rightful owner. As showcased in today's latest gameplay trailer, each mission of the main story campaign can be played solo or by teaming up with a friend in co-op via local multiplayer* or Steam Remote Play Together. Players can also face off in head-to-head battles! Jump into the arena with swords, guns, stale baguettes, and more in 1v1 or Last One Standing PvP modes."

  • Start small and build up a crew to take down the mischievous Mr. Moon and his cronies across a challenging variety of action-platformer missions.
  • Grow your base of operations to fuel even more daring feats. Build a brig to brainwash captives, a lab to experiment on your staff, and a black market to purchase illicit contraband.
  • Eliminate Mr. Moon's minions, or capture them for your cause! Recruit a team of ex-crooks with an array of unique traits to use on future missions.
  • Collect over 50 hats with special properties, including Dynamite Headbands, Cardboard Boxes, Noise-Canceling Earphones, and Jet Packs! Choose the best hats to complement your play style.
  • Play each mission solo or with a friend in co-op, then duke it out in 1v1 and Last One Standing PvP modes via local multiplayer and Steam Remote Play Together.
  • Colorfully vibrant retro pixel art design from Mr. Kenny Sun, creator of visually stylish experiences like Circa Infinity and Yankai's Peak.

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