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Raw Fury Announces New Strategy Title Kingdom Eighties
Raw Fury and developer Fury Studios announced they have a new strategy game from the Kingdom series coming with Kingdom Eighties This game serves as a bit of a throwback in several ways as you're taking a trip to a bygone era of both gaming and pop culture that will make those of us who[...]
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Developer Ota Imon and Publisher Raw Fury revealed they'll be releasing Wolfstride for the Nintendo Switch this week The team is actually going to be pushing the game in three areas as the North American and Europe releases will be coming out on May 10th, while the Japanese version will come out on May 12th[...]
New Puzzle-Platfomer Game America Arcadia Announced
Raw Fury and indie developer Out Of The Blue revealed their next game on the way as America Arcadia is coming to PC and consoles This is an interesting single-player game that marries two unlikely genres into a futuristic '70s style caper, as you're getting a 2.5D platformer and a first-person puzzler together Each style[...]
Raw Fury Announces Dome Keeper To Be Released In 2022
Raw Fury revealed a new game on the way prior to PAX East 2022 happening this week, as Dome Keeper will arrive later this year Developed by a German couple going under the studio name Bippinbits, this is a mining game that incorporates roguelike elements as well as some RPG mechanics You'll mine for resources[...]
Per Aspera Will Launch The Blue Mars DLC In Early May
Raw Fury and developer Tlön Industries announced this past week that they have a brand new DLC pack coming to Per Aspera next month The DLC is being called "Blue Mars" and it will introduce players to new, ocean-size bodies of water across the once barren red planet You'll finally be able to take advantage[...]
Raw Fury Announces New Superhero Game Called Superfuse
Raw Fury has revealed a brand new superhero-centric action RPG today which is going by the name of Superfuse Developed by Stitch Heads Entertainment, this is a mesh of RPG elements, hack-and-slash fighting, and storytelling where you basically setup your powers to the way you like to play You get the chance to mix and[...]
Raw Fury Reveals New Gameplay Trailer For Gun Jam
Raw Fury released a brand new trailer this past week showing off more of the gameplay for their upcoming rhythm shooter Gun Jam If you haven't had a chance to check this one out, the game will essentially have you working with the beat to get around this first-person shooter and take out everything in[...]
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Raw Fury along with developer Monkey Moon have revealed their latest resource management simulator game on the way called Flat Eye The premise of this game is set in what they predict is a very possible near future for all of us, as you play into the personal stories of not just consumers, but your[...]
Raw Fury revealed this week that they will be releasing a special edition of the game Norco, as well as the game's original soundtrack First off, the soundtrack is being produced in collaboration with Louisiana-based sludge metal band Thou, and while they have put a couple tracks online as a sample, this soundtrack will be[...]
Raw Fury Is Set To Publish New Rhythm FPS Gun Jam
Raw Fury announced this week they've partnered with Jaw Drop Games to publish their upcoming rhythm FPS game Gun Jam The developers have been working on this for a while, with them teasing it clear back in a 2020 tweet that caught everyone's attention immediately and made so many people want to play the game right at[...]
Raw Fury and game dev collaborative Geography of Robots revealed that Norco is currently set to be released in late March for Steam and GOG The team has been hard at work on this unique Southern Gothic adventure game that has throwbacks to classic point-and-click narrative titles And they'd like to show you the fruits[...]
Scape-IT Revealed More Details For SKALD: Against the Black Priory
Raw Fury revealed that have taken over publishing for Skald: Against The Black Priory, which will be released sometime in 2022 The company has partnered with developer Scape-IT AS (Anders Lauridsen) to release the game on PC on Steam and GOG, as it has been out in Early Access for a while now Back in[...]
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Raw Fury has revealed that they are releasing their upcoming mecha-anime RPG title Wolfstride onto Steam on December 7th The style of this one really caught our eye as developer OTA IMON Studios went out of their way to create a look and feel that would harken back to classic anime styles while keeping it[...]
Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Releases On November 16th
Raw Fury and developer Stumpy Squid released details for Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands's release on November 16th This release marks the first premium DLC in the history of the Kingdom game series, and with it comes a number of challenges you'll need to face as they have expanded the game's horizons and perils Heavily[...]
Raw Fury Will Be Publishing Cassette Beasts For PC & Console
Raw Fury announced they will be releasing Bytten Studio's latest game, Cassette Besats, for both PC and consoles sometime next year We're basically saying next year because neither company has come forth with a release window of any kind, leaving everything as "TBD" So we're guessing at this point, 2022 is more likely than say,[...]