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Raw Fury has revealed that they are releasing their upcoming mecha-anime RPG title Wolfstride onto Steam on December 7th The style of this one really caught our eye as developer OTA IMON Studios went out of their way to create a look and feel that would harken back to classic anime styles while keeping it[...]
Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Releases On November 16th
Raw Fury and developer Stumpy Squid released details for Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands's release on November 16th This release marks the first premium DLC in the history of the Kingdom game series, and with it comes a number of challenges you'll need to face as they have expanded the game's horizons and perils Heavily[...]
Raw Fury Will Be Publishing Cassette Beasts For PC & Console
Raw Fury announced they will be releasing Bytten Studio's latest game, Cassette Besats, for both PC and consoles sometime next year We're basically saying next year because neither company has come forth with a release window of any kind, leaving everything as "TBD" So we're guessing at this point, 2022 is more likely than say,[...]
Backbone Receives A Console Release Date Next Week
Raw Fury revealed this week that they'll be releasing developer EggNut's Backbone on Xbox and PlayStation consoles next week if you haven't tried the game out yet, you take on the role of a raccoon private eye named Howard Lotor who does his best to solve crimes, but is also what you might expect from[...]
Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Will Be Released This Fall
Raw Fury and Clifftop Games revealed they'll be releasing Kathy Rain: Director's Cut later this month on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch This version of the game was revealed just a short time ago as they basically are giving players the most comprehensive version of the game possible Complete with an extended storyline, new puzzles[...]
Townscaper Will be Launching On Mobile This October
Raw Fury revealed earlier this week they finally have a release date for Townscraper on mobile devices as it will be coming out in October The quaint indie game from solo developer Oskar Stålberg has been doing pretty well on Steam and earned a nice following among fans who have enjoyed a game with no[...]
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Raw Fury and developer Cathuria Games announced this week that Dream Cycle will be headed to Steam's Early Access next month The project is an independent venture by Tomb Raider creator Toby Gard, as be brings about a brand new action-adventure title with a strong protagonist You'll be playing as arcane apprentice Morgan Carter who[...]
2021 Tribeca Festival Reveals Tribeca Games Award Winners
While there were many strong candidates for the award, the overall winner ended up being NORCO, created by Geography of Robots and published by Raw Fury While the festival itself isn't what it normally is as we slowly climb out of the pandemic, the sentiment is there as the award was given the full treatment[...]
Townscaper To Be Released On Mobile & Nintendo Switch This Summer
Developer Oskar Stålberg and publisher Raw Fury confirmed during E3 2021 that they will release Townscaper this August The news came down during GameSpot's Play For All Showcase as they announced the release month, but had yet to settle on a proper release date if you're not familiar with this one, the game will have[...]
Townscaper To Be Released On Mobile & Nintendo Switch This Summer
Raw Fury announced this week that they've teamed up with developer Oskar Stålberg to release Townscraper this Summer The game has already been on PC since June, albeit in Early Access The game is basically an experimental passion project that has received a ton of praise for its simple mechanics, gameplay, and visuals[...]
Raw Fury Reveals Star Renegades Will Launch On September 8th
Raw Fury has announced the #PS4 version of Star Renegades will drop on March 10th, the same day as a new update for the game PlayStation owners will be getting the full game so far along with the new content update that will also come to Xbox players called The Imperium Strikes Back This new[...]
Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Will Be Released This Fall
Raw Fury and Clifftop Games revealed today that they will be releasing Kathy Rain: Director's Cut on PC this fall The 2016 indie adventure title got a lot of praise when it first came out, primarily for its storytelling and unique set of characters found within Now the developers will be releasing a special version[...]
Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Receives Free DLC Update
505 Games and Raw Fury have released a new free DLC update for Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night this week Right now, anyone who owns the game can download the free DLC, which includes the new Classic Mode, as well as the Kingdom Crossover, which should make things a little interesting for everyone This is[...]
Raw Fury Reveals Their Publishing Agreement To The Public
In a rather odd move that caught a lot of people off guard, Raw Fury decided to reveal the details of the publishing agreement It goes without saying that this kind of info is usually kept pretty close to the chest with all companies You don't see Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, or any studio publishing video[...]
Raw Fury Reveals Star Renegades Will Launch On September 8th
Raw Fury and Massive Damage Inc have released a new update into Star Renegades that will add a ton of content for PC players The futuristic tactical roguelike game has received the new "The Imperium Strikes Back" content update, available to download for free right now as it includes all the additions you see below[...]