New Class Guardian Arrives On Black Desert For Console

Pearl Abyss dropped a new update into Black Desert for PS4 and Xbox One today as the Guardian class has officially come to the game. The character operates much the same as she does on PC, dawning a great battleax and a hefty shield that make them the perfect taking character for any situation. The character comes with a new update in which they also are expanding Succession to the Lahn, Striker, and Ninja classes. All of this in time for the Prestige Edition coming out on November 6th which will give Xbox Series X players an upgraded experience as well as a full version for Xbox One users. You can read more about the update here as we have a list of the patch notes below.

A look at the Guardian class as she drops into Black Desert for console. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at the Guardian class as she drops into Black Desert for console. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
  • Fixed an issue where guards in Velia and Calpheon sometimes failed to find characters with negative (-) karma during their night shift.
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit was automatically summoned where there were no acceptable main quests.
  • [Ranger] Fixed a graphical issue with the eyes for certain face shapes when wearing the Trilby Hat.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the Ra'ghon and the Crossbow would sometimes disappear when performing certain actions while wearing the Crayodel Outfit.
  • [Archer] Fixed an issue where the armor looked strange when equipping the Glorious Shudad or Shudad Black set while wearing the Karki Suit.
  • [Archer] Fixed an issue where demonstrations for Black Spirit: Righteous Smite and Black Spirit: Full Bloom were displayed abnormally.
  • [Shai] Fixed the graphical issue that occurred when wearing the Marine Romance outfit with the tied-up hair customization setting.
  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue where switching weapons from Sura Katana during Sprint would occasionally place the weapon in an odd position.
  • [Witch, Wizard] Fixed the issue with odd camera movements while turning the camera during Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage.
  • Fixed an issue where the character makes unnatural facial expressions when using Crouching Wolf.
  • Fixed the Guild Member Status list's menu buttons to fit within the screen.
  • Fixed the Appoint buttons to be placed together in the Guild Member Status list's menu buttons.
  • The Ban function can no longer be set with a hotkey in the Guild Member Status list.
  • Fixed an issue where the item message would be different from the chat window message after obtaining a treasure item.
  • Improved some sentences for better understanding and fixed typos.
  • Fixed an issue where some backgrounds would be displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the Carmadun Owl's incorrect item pick-up range.


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