New Freestyle Skateboarding Game The Ramp Coming To Steam

Indie developer and publisher Hyperparadise revealed new info on their upcoming freestyle skateboarding game The Ramp. The game was created by developer Paul Schnepf, who some of you might recognize as the co-founder of Grizzly Games who made Islanders and Superflight. Schnepf himself describes his game as a "digital skateboarding toy", which basically means it's here for you to have a ton of fun with pulling off weird and interesting tricks but it's not super intensive competitive, or reliant on making achievements. It looks pretty cool as you can see from the trailer we have for you down at the bottom. Might be a really cool game for those who love the genre but aren't looking to spend hours trying to do "the perfect trick" or a bunch of objectives. The game will be out on Steam on August 3rd.

Some days you just wanna chill on your board... Courtesy of Hyperparadise.
Some days you just wanna chill on your board… Courtesy of Hyperparadise.

Chill out, do tricks, and look damn cool. In The Ramp, players must focus their energy and go with the flow, listening to a chilled out soundtrack as they roam free across four wildly different levels – from a simple halfpipe to a multi-story jump ramp. With nothing to unlock, kill or collect, The Ramp aims to capture the delight of skateboarding in its purest form. Enjoy tons of flow and dive into satisfying unique skateboarding gameplay that is easy to learn and hard to master.

  • Born to ride: A stripped-back experience that captures the essence of real life vert skateboarding.

  • Board games: Fly, spin and grind through a choice of four levels, including an empty pool, a half pipe, and one humongous mega jump..

  • All on the table: There are no points, levels or unlockables. Any trick can be performed at any time… provided you've got the skills.

  • Pocket pedigree: Created by Paul Schnepf, co-founder of the studio that made Islanders and Superflight.

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