New Persona 5 Royal Gameplay Reveals the New Ending Changes

Atlus has published a new gameplay video for Persona 5 The Royal which shows the Phantom Thieves enjoying a New Year's celebration. The trailer is intended to showcase how Royal's new content will change the way the initial game ended, giving players even more time with the Phantom Thieves and their various shenanigans.

However, players of Persona 4 Golden will likely be skeptical about the new gameplay and its impact on the storyline of Persona 5. The video is entirely in Japanese, however the sequence shown has several odd moments that hearken back to Golden's trippy dream-sequence ending.

As Dualshockers summarizes:

The scene starts with Haru noting how coincidences pile up with each other. Futaba greets everyone saying it's been forever since they saw each other, but Ann notes that they met just the day before. All of them ended up coincidentally meeting at the shrine. They weren't planning to meet at all. The scene ends when Yusuke starts rambling about how he got to see pure Japanese beauty, as in the girls in kimono.

Not only is the New Year's sequence from Persona 5 Royal a little bit disconnected, it's timeline is also a little bit wrong. After all, in the original ending, Joker wasn't with the rest of the Phantom Thieves on December 31st, when Ann says they all met up.

Because Persona 5 Royal shares the same director as Persona 4 Golden, the idea of the new content being some kind of fever dream is a bit more plausible than it would be normally.

But also, this is the Persona franchise, so really anything goes.

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