Next Citizen Sleeper Episode Will Launch On October 27

Fellow Traveller and Jump Over the Age revealed the second Citizen Sleeper DLC update, Episode: REFUGE, will launch on October 27th. The team has basically been taking a different kind of approach to storytelling with this game, as you have the base game available to you to play all the way through, but then they will offer up these bonus episodes that contribute to it but are not must-own required material in case you can't afford the DLC. Which, to be fair, the previous episode was $10, so we can understand people skipping out on it. For those who have picked up the content, this new episode will pick up where the last one left off, as you will explore a little more of the story and the effects of your choices from the last one as they're put under a microscope within the community. We have more info on the next episode below as you can read more details on the game's roadmap here.

Next Citizen Sleeper Episode Will Launch On October 27
Credit: Fellow Traveller

Following the events in the first Citizen Sleeper DLC update, Episode: FLUX, this new episode expands upon the story of the refugee flotilla, and the wider narrative of the Helion System, the star system in which the Eye orbits. In Episode: FLUX, the first ships from a refugee flotilla arrived at Erlin's Eye in response to pressures in the Helion system. Now, in Episode: REFUGE, a strange event sends ripples through the communities of the Eye. Players will have to enter the flotilla to understand this new threat and help the refugees stabilize their community. Episode: REFUGE also introduces Sol, captain of the Pilgrim Seed, the biggest ship in the refugee flotilla. Hailing from Ember's Hearth, the largest moon of the gas giant Ember, he is a quiet pragmatist forced into the position of political leader.

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