NHL Players React To NHL 22's Player Ratings In Latest Video

EA Sports has a new video up today for NHL 22 as they got several pro-hockey players to check out their player ratings ahead of time. Historoically, giving players their ratings ahead of time has never gone over well, no matter what sport we're talking about. Because everyone likes to think they're the best.So the video below shows some of the highest-rated players getting their numbers and most of them approving. We're sure that was done to hype the video a bit and not cause any drama, but the real drama will be from those who root for them and their team, as no one ever things their favorite should be under 95. You can enjoy the video below along with new info released today about the X-Factor mechanic being added to this year's edition, which is available now.

Credit: EA Sports

From overhauled player likenesses and uniform micro-details to improved skate spray, the Frostbite engine delivers every detail in higher resolution. New advancements in spatial awareness brings life to players as they track and react to the world around them. In addition, through the all-new augmented reality broadcast, players can see game stats integrated directly into the action through overlays on environment surfaces, bringing a whole new level of immersion to fans. Superstar X-Factors further introduce a level of realism into NHL 22 by making the game's best players feel distinctly like their real-life counterparts. This unique ability system elevates the most elite players in the league, making their presence on the ice more influential than ever with traits based on their real-world skills.

Superstar X-Factors represent a game-changer throughout all of NHL 22's different modes, including Be A Pro, Franchise Mode, World of Chel and Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). Be A Pro takes players deeper into the game with fresh multi-season storylines with a re-designed progression system that now includes X-Factors, and the ability to enhance characters based on skill and play style. The World of Chel has been streamlined with a new hub that puts all of the features at players' fingertips and a revamped Party Flow that makes migrating from one game to another with friends easier than ever.

X-Factor Superstars are embedded throughout Franchise mode's existing systems, from pro and amateur scouting, to line chemistry with their teammates, to signing them as free agents. Players can build a new team from the ground up, and even choose the Seattle Kraken™, new to NHL 22, or add a 33rd team to the league and draft with them. 50 X-Factor players will also receive special items called Power-up player items in HUT that can be upgraded throughout the season based on live content.

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