Nintendo Switch Has Cloud Service, But Currently Restricted To The Company

Those of you who have been pissed off at the limited memory on the Switch and have been filling up SD cards with info, there's hope on the horizon. Sort of. The Switch apparently has access to a cloud-like service, but it's currently restricted to employees of Nintendo.


A Reddit user named Patsuann posted a thread this week about how the company sent him a repaired Switch. As part of the fix, Nintendo's tech agents apparently saved all of his data and were able to transfer all of it over using a Cloud system! The picture above shows the icon next to the game, which aside from some of the required downloads for the game that were sent out at launch, included all of his saved game data. You can check out a link to the full video here. This is actually some monumental news as it appeared data transfer was going to be one of the biggest issues from the new system, but this video confirms that it is indeed possible to unload games from a system onto a cloud service and transfer them either back to the device or onto a new one.

Nintendo hasn't announced any plans for a Cloud service yet, nor does it appear that there's any kind of network capability within the system's programming scheme. Which means when it does go live, it will most likely be an additional download to interact with your WiFi connection. Currently, Nintendo's own FAQ sheet on Data Management says you can't transfer data with SD cards, which was a bummer to find out, but a Cloud transfer system would change everything and make the Switch far more accessible for players.

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