Nintendo Will Soon Let Fans Rate Games In The eShop

Have you ever wanted to leave your own personal thoughts on a Nintendo game for other Nintendo players to read? Well, you're soon going to get your shot as it appears Nintendo will be adding player reviews to the eShop. Polygon caught Nintendo in the act, so to speak, noticing that Customer Reviews has recently been added online in which you can leave a 1-5 star review along with any numbers of tags and your personal thoughts and comments about what you thought of the game. Obviously, you won't be able to swear like a sailor, because it is Nintendo using your profile to rate a game, but you can at least tell others what you thought of it before they buy it.


The system looks like Steam's to a degree but done in a much more controlled environment that Nintendo can monitor and cater to in case someone comes along and decides to voice their uncensored opinion about Arms or Splatoon 2. But whether or not people actually take the comments to heart is an entirely different matter, seeing as how Nintendo doesn't have the kind of frequent online community other resources have, so it becomes a matter of whether you trust these fellow players who you can't track and see what else they've reviewed. It isn't anything new to Nintendo as this was once offered with the Wii, it's now just converting the system over to the Switch. We'll see if anyone uses it to the degree they do on Steam, or if anything comes of people actually using the reviews for purchasing decisions.

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