Octopath Traveler's Prequel Will Have Three Paths to Choose From

A few new details came out this week about the upcoming mobile prequel for Octopath Traveler, as we now know you'll pick one of three paths for the story. The game will be subtitled Tairiku no Hasha, aka The Continent's Champions, with the three different paths being Wealth, Power, and Glory. Depending on the path you choose it will lead you to one of three villains holding power over Orsterra. Those three are "The Witch of Greed" Helminia, "The Hero" Titus, and "The Playwright" Arguste. Square Enix released some artwork, which you can see here, as well as some backstory on the game and the three villains.

Octopath Traveler's Prequel Will Have Three Paths to Choose From
credit//Square Enix

A few years before the tale of the 8 traveling heroes… The continent of Orsterra was dominated by those who respectively reached the apex of wealth, power and glory. Their endless ambition plunged the continent into darkness. However, multiple individuals stood up against them. As the one "chosen by the ring", you will travel the world, and meet those rebels. What will you feel, what will you grasp at the end of your journey? Go forth, towards the story you seek…And craft the legend of the Continent's Champions.

In search of power, you will begin your adventure in the snow-covered Frostlands region. The one who stands in your path is "The Hero" Titus. He controls the Red Wings, an organization made to rehabilitate ex-convicts. He rules over the town of Amberglow with an iron fist.

In search of wealth, you will begin your adventure in the deep forests of the Woodlands region. The one who stands in your path is "The Witch of Greed" Helminia. The witch has embezzled an immense fortune in Valore, dying the town in darkness.

In search of glory, you will begin your adventure in the rich plains of the Flatlands region. The one who stands in your path is "The Playwright" Arguste. The citizens of Theatopolis, the capital of arts, all admired his work, but he ended up straying from the right path.

We still don't have a release date for the Octopath Traveler prequel, but you can pre-register to try out the beta until March 17th, which will take place from March 26th until April 2nd.

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