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Ocutrx Brings Their New AR/XR Headset During CES 2024

Ocutrx decided to show off their latest technological addition for AR fans, as they revealed a new OcuLenz AR/XR Headset at CES 2024.

Article Summary

  • Ocutrx reveals OcuLenz AR/XR headset at CES 2024 to aid those with AMD.
  • OcuLenz uses Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 for 2.5K resolution per eye.
  • Headset's SDK expands its use to military, medical, and enterprise fields.
  • OcuLenz gains international attention, with medical advisors worldwide.

Ocutrx has announced they will be bringing their AR/XR headset, the OcuLenz, to CES 2024 for everyone to check out. The company actually revealed the headset back in November, showing it off not just for its gaming capabilities but also for the fact it could help those with impaired vision. Now, you'll be able to see it in person when it hits the showroom floor today. We have more info about the headset below.

Ocutrx Unveils OcuLenz AR/XR Headset For Visually Impaired Patients
Credit: Ocutrx

Ocutrx's OcuLenz, an innovative AR/XR headset, is engineered to address advanced macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss among adults over 65. This device combines functionality and comfort, revolutionizing visual aid technology. Using advanced pixel manipulation, it overlays high-contrast images onto the user's field of view, compensating for AMD's central vision loss by shifting images to the peripheral vision. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, OcuLenz offers a high-resolution (2.5K per eye) experience with a 72-degree wide field of view, surpassing traditional AR headsets. Light and easy to use, OcuLenz enhances visual perception and interaction with the environment, significantly aiding those affected by AMD. It also has a patented interpupillary distance adjustment to prevent dizziness.

OcuLenz goes beyond just helping with AMD. With its Software Development Kit (SDK), its use now extends to areas like enterprise, military, medical assistance, and more, showing Ocutrx's commitment to using technology to improve lives. This strategic diversification underlines Ocutrx's commitment to innovation and dedication to bringing significant benefits to diverse sectors. The ORLenz is Ocutrx's patented AR/XR headset platform for surgeons, and the DigiLoupe is the AR/XR stand-alone digital loupe for dentists, dermatologists, and non-microscope surgeries for spine, orthopedic, and neurosurgeons. OcuLenz, Ocutrx's AR/XR headset, has captured global attention, demonstrating its wide-ranging applicability and potential for international adoption. The 42 Ocutrx Medical Advisors hail from the U.S., Mexico, South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia, Garnering interest from major healthcare distributors in regions such as the Middle East and Europe, including countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy, the headset's versatility and appeal across diverse international markets are unmistakable.

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