Old School Bible Games Are Now On Steam For The Faithful Gamer

A fitting story for a Sunday morning! Back in the day, Nintendo used to have a lot of third-party developers release games on their console without their approval. Like, A LOT! They usually came in cartridges that were the size of the NES model but did not look like the NES model. It's the entire reason we got the official Nintendo Seal Of Quality back in the day. Because of Nintendo's fear of religion and pissing people off who don't belong to certain faiths, religious games became one of the biggest distributors of these type of titles and cartridges. Here's a video of some that you would have only seen on Christian networks back in the '80s.

The entire point of making these back then was that your kids were going to play video games no matter what, so concern parents of the era had an option to keep them "safe." But if you actually loved these games, Piko Interactive has taken the entire collection of Wisdom Tree games, cleaned them up a bit and published them onto Steam for $8. The aforementioned Bible Adventures from the video (which you can learn more about from AVGN) is included in this collection, as well as Spiritual Warfare, which plays like The Legend Of Zelda. Now to the non-Christians reading this you may think this is stupid, but trust me, as a guy who lived his life in an oppressively religious state in the U.S., I know for a fact many kids owned these and would probably seek them out.


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