Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open Will Arrive This June

Chorus Worldwide and Cellar Vault Games revealed their next game, Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open, will be coming out on PC in June. The latest installment in the series inspired by Malaysian and Chinese myths, you will take on the role of a young girl named Ting as she comes of age alongside Xiu, a spirit that only she can see. You'll need to make your way through the various trials and tribulations of school, social, and home life in a variety of minigames as you deal with the phantoms all around you. You'll be able to try the game out for free starting on June 2nd with a demo as the full game won't be out until 2023.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open Will Arrive In 2023
Credit: Chorus Worldwide

Ting, a young Chinese-Malaysian girl, unknowingly breaches the spirit world. Everywhere she goes, the apparition of a child named Xiu follows, visible only to her. Despite her efforts to keep Xiu a secret, other children notice, quickly earning Ting notoriety as a "weird" kid. Follow Ting through pre-school and primary school as she navigates the perils of home life and the mysterious spirit world.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open's gripping narrative unfolds across multiple years at locations including Ting's troubled home, creepy campgrounds, haunted houses, and even nightmares. Speak with friends and family through a timed dialogue system simulating heated arguments and hard questions. Interact with the world through a collection of minigames ranging from assembling a barbecue platter during a camping trip to hiding from malevolent phantoms.

Rendered in a living "paper theatre" style inspired by the paper puppetry – the shadow plays – of Southeast Asia, Third Eye Open haunts and charms in equal measure. The beautiful, childlike aesthetic belies a darker story of a family falling apart, Ting's role in its salvation, and the haunted house at the heart of it all. For added authenticity, all in-game sounds were recorded on location in Malaysia, in places such as the Taman neighborhood, local Ko Pi Tiam (coffee shops), and the Pasar Malam (night markets).

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