Pathfinder Adventures Launches On PC In June


Obsidian Entertainment has just announced today that Pathfinder Adventures is coming to PC and Mac players via Steam, GOG, and the Mac App Store on June 15th. Pathfinder Adventures faithfully recreates Paizo and Lone Shark Games' multi-award-winning Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to take the well-loved tabletop game to PC and Mac gamers. Obsidian has blended their expertise in storytelling and character development with the challenging gameplay of Pathfinder Adventure to make the video game version of the tabletop classic's card game port something more unique than just a straight translation of the game to digital format.

And while the core mechanics of Pathfinder Adventures remains, there is no doubt that Obsidian has added their own flare to the game.

"With Pathfinder Adventures we are bringing the magic of the award-winning tabletop card game to your PC, letting you easily play any time you want," said Obsidian Entertainment CEO, Feargus Urquhart in a statement accompanying the announcement. "I've always loved the way Pathfinder Adventures has brought what I enjoy in tabletop RPGs to card games, and I am very proud of how we have captured the depth of the game, while adding in options to expand upon the experience for both newcomers and lovers of the tabletop game alike."

The hope is for dedicated tabletop fiends and new players can enjoy Pathfinder Adventures the same way. That they can develop characters, acquire loot, overcome dastardly villains, and uncover secret mysteries is just an added bonus.

You can check out the release date trailer below.

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