Pearl Abyss Shows Off the New Archer Class in Black Desert Online

This morning, Pearl Abyss released a brand new trailer showing off the upcoming Archer class being added to Black Desert Online. The trailer is the first real look at the character before people can try it out at TwitchCon this weekend from October 26th-28th. Originally we had thought the character would be added in November, but we have since learned that isn't true. As of today we currently don't have a proper date for when it will be introduced into the game. For now, all we have is a description and a lovely looking trailer. An open beta for the Xbox version of the game will Run from November 8th-12th,

Pearl Abyss Shows Off the New Archer Class in Black Desert Online
credit//Pearl Abyss

The Archer uses his Crossbow for his stylish ranged attack and skill combos. In addition, the Archer has an assortment of magic skills at his disposal that assist him in combat by upsetting the opponents' balance, and wreak havoc by unleashing a flurry of arrows with his Crossbow from afar.

He is never flustered nor disoriented even in the thick of the battle.The Archer can easily escape without breaking a sweat even when he is outnumbered by countless foes. This brand new male class is set to receive a rich storyline in which its background will be fully explored when he gets added to the current roster of available characters.

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