Perfect World Entertainment Announces New Game Lumione

Perfect World Entertainment announced this week that they will be releasing Glimmer Studio's new game Lumione. This new game is a platformer set in a deep-sea universe with you going off on a journey in search of The Light. Everything will be a mix of challenging puzzle-like levels that will have you running around while also figuring your way around winding water levels. As of right now, the game does not have a proper release date, everything we have is simply to announce it's in the works. Hopefully, we'll get more news about it over the Summer from one of the many gaming streams. Until then, enjoy the trailer below!

Perfect World Entertainment Announces New Game Lumione
Credit: Perfect World Entertainment

Lumione is a side-scrolling platformer set in a deep-sea universe that has been consumed by darkness. Players take on the role of Glimmer, a deep-sea elf who dreams of restoring the former beauty of his home. He is called by the Light to break the dark spell cast over his world. Along the way, he will find answers to the puzzle of how both within himself and in the world itself. Glimmer will need to overcome trials of wisdom and tap into his courage in order to save his world. Lumione offers players a touching storyline wrapped in unique and interesting gameplay.

  • Stunning visuals created with Unreal Engine 4 accompanied by exquisite music that create a dream-like and ever-changing atmosphere.
  • Gameplay provides plenty of challenges as players leap through artistic and stunning ocean levels.
  • A journey filled with surprises that take players from calm, introspective moments to demanding and intense gameplay experiences.
  • Hundreds of hand-crafted levels with dozens of game mechanics to make each session immersive and playable.
  • Each challenge requires players to plan moves in advance yet be ready to react and respond to dangers around them.
  • Jumping and climbing puzzles offer intense gameplay to players of all skill levels.

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