Planescape: Torment Is A Timeless Classic, The Enhanced Edition Just Makes It Better


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Beamdog's Enhanced Edition of the timeless classic Planescape: Torment is exactly what it says on the tin. This is the Planescape you know, just with updated graphics to keep it looking sharp on your modern gaming PC. Alright, so the graphics still aren't 4K worthy, but they're better. Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition just takes a classic game and makes the shift in technology a bit less jarring.

Beamdog did have their work cut out for themselves with this one, but enhancing old PC classics is just what Beamdog do, and this is a fantastic effort on their part.


The updated version of Planescape: Torment still manages to give you a faithful version of the game, it feels almost exactly like the original Planescape, but looks much better. It's download is quick, the load times are insanely short, and while it does crash on occasion, the load times more than make up for it. It's about 20 hours or so to complete, which makes it on the shorter side for a D&D property. However, given modern gaming, it might be just the perfect length.

Sure, the encounters and combat are still pretty dated – Beamdog couldn't change much without doing a complete overhaul of the game engine, but for $19.99 USD, I wasn't expecting too much updated in that respect. Modern D&D players may find Planescape: Torment to be a bit strange, as it uses 2nd Edition rules for encounters, but if you can get past the dated combat, this is definitely a game to play.

All things considered, Beamdog did a fantastic job of updating Planescape: Torment. The game feels the same, but looks newer, and has a few other quality of life improvements that make it worth picking up. Sure, it's a packaged up version of the game, and you can absolutely play the original, but if you'd like to not make your eyes bleed, I definitely recommend Beamdog's version.

For longtime lovers of Planescape, this is definitely an edition of the game to pick up. I cannot stress enough that having a workable build of Planescape: Torment that you can run on a modern machine without too much trouble is fully worth the price point.

For new players, this is definitely something you'll want to pick up. If only so you can understand why so many gamers absolutely adored the original.

If you don't believe me, well, you can check out the user reviews on Steam or on GOG. It's gone over overwhelmingly well with players, and Beamdog deserves all the credit for this.

You can purchase Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition on GOG, as part of their massive D&D sale, or on Steam.

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