Planet Zoo Releases The New Aquatic Pack This Week

Now you too can have cute penguins for people to look at in your park as Frontier Developments released the Aquatic Pack for Planet Zoo. The pack will officially go live on December 8th and run you $10 to add. Like most packs, you're getting a new set of animals to add as well as several enclosures, park additions, vending options, and more. Some of the animals you'll be able to add to the park include the Diamondback Terrapin, the Giant Otter, Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman, the Grey Seal, and the King Penguin. But keep in mind, it's still a zoo, and you have to make sure they can survive in this area. We have more info on ti from the devs here along with the trailer and screenshots!

Look at them! They look so happy... in a 100 degree weather area? Courtesy of Frontier Developments.
Look at them! They look so happy… in a 100 degree weather area? Courtesy of Frontier Developments.

With Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack players can plunge to new depths of zoo keeping with five iconic water-dwelling animals, as well as a wealth of aqua-inspired foliage, scenery and zoo construction pieces. Whether odes to the ocean or tributes to the tides, players can adorn their zoos with eye-catching murals depicting wild jungles and icy tundra, pick reflective materials embracing water's mirror-like qualities, display graceful new animal sculptures, and even create their own cascading waterfalls.

Adding to the abundance of existing animals in Planet Zoo, the Aquatic Pack turns the tide, offering a completely new dimension for budding zookeepers to explore and enjoy. Welcoming the wonderful Diamondback Terrapin, charming Giant Otter, beautiful Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman, brilliant Grey Seal and adventurous King Penguin, players and guests alike will delight as they watch these new additions interact with their watery environments in a whole new way.

With over 170 new scenery pieces included in the Aquatic Pack, zookeepers have everything they could need to enrich and expand their zoos. This new range of construction items and blueprints contains both valuable building pieces and aquatic-themed content enabling players to add fresh and functional fauna or flora to their existing zoos, or build entirely new water-based areas.

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