Plans Hit Social Media For Conker's Bad Fur Day's Canceled Sequel

Have you ever wondered what a sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day might look like? Wonder no longer as details for the canceled game have surfaced on Twitter. Chris Seaver, the former project lead of Conker's Bad Fur Day, took to social media over the weekend to show off what could have been in a couple of tweets. Below you can see designs and plans for the way the developers were going to set up the official sequel, which would have bee on the original Xbox back in 2002 which would have been called Conker's Other Bad Day. Check out some of the details including the enemy designs, level plans, and storyline plots for the game.

It's pretty interesting to see where the game could have gone had Microsoft not dropped the ball and failed to capitalize on the franchise. Yeah, sure, we got Conker: Live and Reloaded in 2005 as a remake of the original, but the fact that we're still talking about an M-rated game on the N64 all these years later with people still wishing Rare would make a proper sequel should show the company there was money to be made here.

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