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Someone Made A Handheld Version Of The Nintendo 64
There have been many, many, many mods of Nintendo products over the years, including many for the Nintendo 64 We could list off all the ways people have torn that device apart and basically turned it into a better version of itself or created controllers that actually function better than the originals and won't wear[...]
Review: EON's Super 64 HDMI Adapter For The N64
For those who still own a physical Nintendo 64, working with a modern-day HDTV can be a pain when trying to play some retro titles Sure, there are wiring options for the old-school into the new-school, but anyone (like myself) who has dealt with that nightmare on older consoles would love an alternative Lucky for[...]
Someone Has Released Previously Unseen Earthound 64 Footage
If you're not familiar with the story, Earthbound 64 was pitched by Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi as a sort of one-off game for the Nintendo 64, using the same familiar characters from the series for a totally new adventure The game was going to be developed for the 64DD until it didn't happen, then[...]
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Crashes Twitch Stream, Shares Fondness for Nintendo 64
Going by track record, I'd feel safer in a bathroom w/ a trans woman than a powerful male executive any day of the week. If you'd like to use this as a good moment to support the queer community, there's a charity twitch stream going on for @Mermaids_Gender: — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) January 20, 2019 Sorkin called[...]
Nintendo's Latest Trademark Points to a Mini N64 Release
If you were to tell me that Nintendo was planning to release an N64 Classic Edition this year, I'd probably respond with a resounding "duh!" But the latest trademark filed by the company pretty much confirms that not only is it on the way, they're pre-planning the release as we speak.
Lauren Looks Back: The Nintendo 64 Star Wars Games
The Nintendo 64 is one of Nintendo's greatest consoles The system was a huge part of my childhood, since it helped me get through my back operation I had when I was 11 (thanks, scoliosis). I've had a working N64 since then, and I'm still buying games for it The games I did get as a[...]