'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Community Is Becoming What 'H1Z1' Could Not

So since H1Z1 never seems to leave early access, Bluehole Studios decided to take matters into their own hands and created a multiplayer match of their own with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. If the feedback online is any indication, the game is being judged as far superior with its own issues and quirks that people are trying to deal with. But as the game slowly finds it's own identity with the FPS community, it's also turning into what we believe is a much better game and community.


An amazing and tragic video making the rounds this weekend comes to us from CamCANTRUN, who posted this video a few days ago showing not all victories are sweet. Much like H1Z1, PUGB is a free-for-all where it's everyone for themselves. That doesn't mean you can't team up for a common goal until the end and then duke it out like civilized people. But whereas H1Z1's current playerbase are more prone to racism and homophobia right out of the gate during the competition (Hell, just sitting in the lobby waiting for a game to start will get you shit on from nine different angles alone), PUBG's system seems to be a much more civilized group who are there to have fun and escape the poison and hacking that have soured many on it's predecessor. Watch as Cam finds comfort in a friend as they both choose not to kill each other as they make it to the last 10 people in the match. That's some cool sportsmanship.

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