PlayWay Introduces Another Simulator Game With SimBus

Continuing what seems like a newfound effort to simulate everything we do in the world, PlayWay has introduced SimBus. Now you too can see what it feels like to drive every kind of bus there is around the world as this game will have you navigating the streets of London, Tokyo, Russia, and North America in a number of different makes and models at your disposal. We're really trying to get more excited about this than we are because at the end of the day… you're driving a bus! We can understand other simulation games they've decided to put money into such as cooking or being a house flipper or working on your car. Even the one where you pretend to be a thief had some appeal to it. But this one… this just seems stupid to us. We're sure there's an audience out there for it, but in reality, what grand appeal to a gaming audience are you getting making a game like this. Especially after Penn & Teller not only did it first, but did it far more realistic when it comes to the monotony of actually doing the task at hand. If you're still interested in it, the company released a trailer for the game this morning which you can check out below.

Now you can fulfill your dreams of... driving every bus in the world? Courtesy of PlayWay.
Now you can fulfill your dreams of… driving every bus in the world? Courtesy of PlayWay.

SimBus is new, advanced bus simulator. Drive historic and modern vehicles from all parts of the world. Visit living cities of USA, Europe and China in different eras. Become bus driver, follow the timetable and meet other players on multiplayer mode.

  • Faithfully made historical and modern vehicles models.
  • Realistic street traffic.
  • Locations mapped using geodetic data.
  • Real-time weather conditions and full day-night cycle.
  • Popular steering wheels, gamepads support.
  • Authentic bus physics and sounds.
  • Interactive passengers.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • High graphic quality thank to use Unity technology.

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