Pokémon HOME Integration Event Review In Pokémon GO

The Pokémon HOME integration event is wrapping up tomorrow in Pokémon GO as Niantic prepares for a series of major launches, including the Lake Legends event, the Levels 41 – 50 unveiling, and the Kalos release. In the midst of such exciting things coming up in Pokémon GO, did the HOME event, which brought the return to Shiny Meltan, live up to the hype or get lost in the mix?

HOME event image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
HOME event image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

The Mystery Box in Pokémon GO

Both the biggest win and the biggest failure of the event, the Mystery Box is the means by which trainers can get the prodigal Shiny… Meltan. Meltan is an event-only Shiny and has been out of the game for a long time. It's amazing to see Meltan back, and hunting for it is fun due to the uniqueness of the Mystery Box. A major problem, though, is how little time Niantic gave players to prepare for this event. Considering that Mystery Boxes can only be opened once every three days, this week-long event gave players, at best, three shots at hunting Shiny Meltan in Pokémon GO. It was possible to get it, but it didn't feel like the fairest of shots considering how long it had been gone. A better bet would been to have reduced the time Mystery Boxes need to refresh by half.


Outside of the Halloween event, which had stellar Tier One and Three raids with the Costumed Pokémon features, raids have been the weakest aspect of events in 2020. Instead of seeing interesting features, Tiers One and Three only showcased either raid mainstays or uninteresting event-themed additions. Raids need something to spice up Tiers One and Three, because recently only the Legendary raids have been worth doing.

Pokémon GO Event Spawns and Shiny release

The spawns were good! Much improved over the lacking spawns of the Animation Week 2020 event, featured Pokémon were Zubat, Alolan Diglett, Anorith, and, among others, Slowpoke with a Shiny release. While Slowpoke isn't a stunning Shiny, it's a nice pastel pink and its evolutions of Slowbro and Slowking both take interesting directions in their Shiny form. While Slowpoke wasn't a common spawn, it was present enough that it felt like players had a fair go of it.

Overall, the Pokémon GO HOME integration event was a fun week of gameplay, but a fairer handling of the Mystery Boxes would've made it a perfect event to welcome back Shiny Meltan for its short but sweet stay.

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