Pokémon Scalpers Move From Cards To Oreos For Some Reason

Back in 2020, a scalping crisis took hold of the Pokémon TCG. A wave of new interest from actual collectors hit at the same time as speculation from those only interested in the financial aspect of the Pokémon cards hit a fever pitch. Scalpers, many of them baseball card fans that were simultaneously scalping that hobby, began to buy out the entire stock of stores in order to sell Pokémon TCG products for insane prices on the secondary market. The Pokémon Company has increased printing to keep up with the demand, which has worked to get current products back down to a reasonable price in most cases, but older products that were affordable before the scalping crisis such as the later Sun & Moon-era sets remain impacted. Now that the scalping has died down, what can these re-sellers move on to? Well, it seems as if the answer has come in the form of a new Pokémon product… and in the same of a classic cookie. People are really selling Pokémon Oreos on eBay for premium prices. Let's get into the details.

Literally cookies. Credit: Pokémon and Oreo
Literally cookies. Credit: Pokémon and Oreo

Man, the neighborhood ants are probably excited about this right here. Oreo and the Pokémon Company announced a collaboration a while back that would have a "rarity scheme," meaning that some Pokémon printed on cookies would be rarer than others. Looking at their offerings, I predicted it'd be Mew. That ended up correct. Now, what I didn't predict is that a Mew cookie would sell online for thousands of dollars. I guess that I forgot I live on the planet Earth, though, where that kind of stuff happens. Mostly, Mew Oreos are selling for a lot less, with many on "Buy it Now" for $20 USD or less. Some of these accounts that sold it for thousands may be shill accounts attempting to drive up the cost as has been theorized by content creators for previous items, because the cookie is readily available for $20 or less.

Which… hey. That's too much.

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