Nerd Food: Trolls World Tour Oreos Are Delightful Fun

Nerd Food: "Trolls World Tour" Oreo's Are Delightful Fun

Oreo's are a classic snack The cookie that goes great with milk (or by itself) has been enjoyed by countless generations since they made their debut in 1912 While the classic Oreo can be found far and wide, fans can also find different flavors of Oreo! Unique flavors of Oreo have included birthday cake, watermelon,[...]

The Delicious Game of Thrones Oreo Mashup Youve Got to See

The Delicious 'Game of Thrones', Oreo Mashup You've Got to See

Perhaps you'll recall awhile back when HBO's Game of Thrones and Oreo teased some type of cookie collaboration was coming.It finally happened, and the results are a delicious rendition of the iconic opening title sequence for the show, but done in snack form using around 2750 Oreos:There are four different designs on the special #ForTheThrone release[...]

Oreo Teases Game of Thrones Cookies Are Coming

Oreo Teases 'Game of Thrones' Cookies Are Coming

From Urban Decay's new makeup line to Ommegang's 14th GoT beer, we should have guessed...Cookies Are Coming.Posted to the official Oreo Instagram account, an announcement of sorts about a sandwich cookie pairing that'll maybe see some Dothraki dunking Oreos in their fermented mare's milk? We can totally picture Ser Davos Seaworth having Westeros' favorite cookie[...]