Pokémon TCG Alakazam V Box Review: New January 2021 Release

A new Pokémon TCG product has hit shelves during a time when interest in the trading cards is soaring, reaching nearly the hype of the initial 1990s release. Let's take a look at the new Alakazam V box.

Alakazam V Box. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Alakazam V Box. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The Pokémon TCG Promo

The main draw of these boxes is often the promo. The prices of these things don't generally give an amazing deal on the packs inside, so the deciding factor as to whether or not Pokémon TCG collectors will pull the trigger comes down to the promo card's quality. This time, the promo is Alakazam V, which is SWSH083 as a part of the current generation's Black Star Promo set. This isn't a Full Art V so there's no texture to it, but it's an appealing foil card with beautiful colors. Illustrator Ayaka Yoshida does a beautiful job with this Generation One fan-favorite, creating a card that will surely catch the eye of collectors.

The Pokémon TCG Packs

The box includes four packs: two of the most recent expansion Sword & Sheild: Vivid Voltage, one Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash, and one Sun & Moon base set. While the most coveted packs of the four are going to be the Vivid Voltage by far, these boxes are always enriched by including older packs, so seeing the Sun & Moon base set here is rather nice. Personally, I love the idea of featuring the newest set with older set and even though it's just one generation ago, Sun & Moon is twenty sets removed from Vivid Voltage. As far as variety goes, the Alakazam V box certainly made the most of its four packs.


With an appealing promo, a fun selection of packs, and a decent design for the box itself, the Alakazam V box is certainly worth buying. While it isn't as incredible of a box as certain 2020 releases like the Small But Mighty Collection, it is one of the stronger V Boxes recently released.

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