Pokémon TCG Countdown: Four Days Until Celebrations

There are only four days until the Pokémon TCG releases its 25th Anniversary set, Celebrations. This all-holo set comes in booster packs with four cards that are only available through special Celebrations-branded products. The set will not be available through booster packs and booster boxes like a main Sword & Shield-branded expansion. The set itself has 25 cards as well as a subset of reprints which also has 25 cards.

Celebrations cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Celebrations cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Part of my personal preparation for a new Pokémon TCG set as a collector is to name my chase cards. That way, when I begin cracking packs, I have somewhat of a goal in mind. That doesn't always work, as sometimes sets arrive for my review before the set list is out. However, the entire set list for Celebrations has now been released so ahead of my upcoming openings which will go live on Bleeding Cool this Thursday, let's get into what I've dubbed my personal chase cards for the main set. This does not include the Classic Collection subset of reprints, which I'll get into next time.

  • Gold Shiny Mew: This is the definitive chase card of Celebrations. Of course, the Classic Collection has the Base Set Charizard which is going to probably be the most popular chase, but this… Mew is the best Shiny Pokémon and this Gold Card does the incredible design justice. Word is that this is going to be tough to pull, though, so let's send all our positive thoughts to Arceus to make this happen.
  • Full Art Base Set Pikachu: This is not considered a reprint as it is in the Celebrations main set rather than the subset. With this, the Pokémon TCG had iconic Pokémon artist Mitsuhiro Arita expand the illustration of his original, quarter-century-old Pikachu card for this special Full Art.
  • Flying Pikachu VMAX: It was very difficult to pick between this and the Surfing Pikachu VMAX. Both are incredible and are some of the best cards you can hope to pull in the main set.
  • Cosmoem: Now, there are more cards that can be pulled as Ultra Rares that I didn't include. Both Flying Pikachu and Surfing Pikachu get Vs and VMAXs, Professor's Research gets a Full Art with Oak on it, and both Zacian and Zamazenta get terrific Pokémon V. However, there's just something special to me about cards that showcase the bond between a Pokémon and trainer. All of the regular Celebrations holos will be easy to pull, as they are the "bulk" of the set, so this is more of a sentimental chase rather than a difficult one.

What are your chase cards from the main set? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for a breakdown of my chase cards from the Classic Collection subset.

Four days until Pokémon TCG – Celebrations is released.

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