'Pokkén Tournament DX' Releases Two New Trailers

Thank you, Bandai Namco! Today the company released two trailers for Pokkén Tournament DX featuring multiple characters in the game as well as modes and other little surprises we weren't expecting on the official Japanese Pokémon channel.

'Pokkén Tournament DX' Releases Two New Trailers

Pokkén Tournament DX will feature a 3 vs. 3 matchup style, the same as you would encounter if you were playing a standard gym in their world. Most likely you'll be able to do this both online and locally, as the switch's joy-con setup will give you and multiple friends the chance to fight each other, and possibly set up your own tournaments to have a 16 player battle. Some of the new characters who get a spotlight in the videos are Decidueye, Croagunk, Empoleon, Darkrai, and Scizor, which is a decent lineup that will make a lot of fans squeal with delight.

One area that isn't talked about or featured much is the story mode, where you are in search for the elusive Shadow Mewtwo, but we're guessing that won't make a formal appearance for a while, and when it does it will probably get its own trailer to show off the game's exclusive Pokémon. There are a few other things in here such as an updated challenge mode from the first game, DLC, gym badges and more. But for now, enjoy these two trailers as we get excited for the game to be released on September 22nd.

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