Polyarc's Moss Has a Release Date, and It's Sooner Than You Think


It's time to get an answer the question on everyone's mind since Sony's E3 2017 press event, "When can we get our paws on Moss?"

Polyarc's immersive first-of-a-kind storybook adventure with the most adorable mouse in VR has a release date, which is confirmed for 12 a.m. ET Tuesday, February 27th. Yup, that's next week — just eight days from now!

To celebrate today's announcement, Polyarc also released its final trailer before launch, showing off all-new gameplay, enemies, and fantastical environments. The trailer came alongside the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, which you can read below.

Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for your heartfelt support of Moss and the Polyarc team during these past months of development. From visiting our booths at places like PAX and Gamescom, to sending us feedback on social media after playing Moss on the PlayStation VR Demo Disc, your interest in our hero Quill and the world we're building has been a great source of motivation during the homestretch. We've been looking forward to the day we'd finally be able to get the full game in your hands and I'm happy to announce that we now concretely know when that day will be. Next Tuesday, February 27, 2018, you'll be able to enter the world of Moss through PlayStation VR and join Quill on her incredible journey.
Moss for PlayStation VR
To celebrate this announcement, we've also released the Moss launch trailer which provides a glimpse of Quill's story, more gameplay, and some of the fantastic places you'll travel with her. We hope this latest preview of Moss conveys what we set out to do: make a game that everyone can enjoy—early VR adopters, casual gamers, and truly, anyone looking for an exciting new experience.
Moss for PlayStation VR
As I talked about last June in my PlayStation.Blog post during E3 2017, our aim at Polyarc has been to make the most of the immersive, interactive potential of VR to build new worlds and tell new stories. It's been a great challenge creating Moss, but working with this technology and discovering the possibilities has been a deeply rewarding experience. None of this would have been possible without the energy and effort of every person here at Polyarc. I'm so proud of what we've created, and proud to be a part of this team that worked so hard to bring Quill and Moss to life.
Moss for PlayStation VR
And now, in just eight days, players around the world will finally be able to experience the game we've had the privilege to build. We created Moss for you, so please let us know what you think. We can't wait to hear from you.
Thank you.

Tam Armstrong

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