Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Gets Lauren Shiba DLC Next Week

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid will be getting another new ranger added to the mix as the Lauren Shiba DLC arrives next week. If you're not entirely familiar with the character, she is the Red Ranger on Power Rangers Super Samurai, serving as one of the few women leaders of all the ranger teams in the history of the franchise. (Don't pat the writers on the back quite yet for that one, she was only in five episodes.) The character has only been in one other game, the mobile title Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. As you may have guessed from the Super Samurai moniker, you're getting a powerful fighter who will be using more of a tactical fighting style, but with a few twists.

Lauren Shiba is looking to cut anyone who stands in her way in Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, courtesy of nWay.
Lauren Shiba is looking to cut anyone who stands in her way in Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, courtesy of nWay.

First off, she can do a lot of ranged attacks with the sword that are infused with fire, so she can reach you and combo you from across the screen. You can see in the trailer below that she will be using the Samurai Symbol Power and the Sealing Symbol, both of which give her lightning-fast attacks and give her a chance to escape and counter combos easier than most characters. Lauren Shiba is the second DLC character from the Season Three pass, with the first being the Purple Wolf Ranger RJ from Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. No word on who the third character will be, but if history serves correctly, it will most likely end up being a villain from the series. Based on the silhouette at the end of the trailer, it's a pretty safe bet we're getting Scorpina.

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