PUBG: Battlegrounds Devs Reveal The Rest Of 2022 Plans

Krafton Inc. has released a ton of details from the PUBG: Battlegrounds sev team going over what they have planned for the rest of 2022. The team went super in-depth over what they are planning for each of the remaining three quarters, as you can see below where we've posted what they have coming in the immediate future from April-June 2022. You can read the entire plan here, but if you want to know what's coming in the short future, check out the info below.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Devs Reveal The Rest Of 2022 Plans
Credit: Krafton Inc.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Quarter 2 (APRIL – JUNE)


Sanhok is one of the areas you've been pretty vocal about. We've attempted a few changes in an effort to modernize Sanhok, but at the end of the day, many of you still preferred the original map. We've heard your feedback and are doing the following for Sanhok:

  • Sanhok will come back in its original form
    • Sanhok is our oldest small map and is still enjoyed by many players
    • Due to its age, it has seen a number of added features and a major revamp
  • Some players like the revamped version but most players want the original Sanhok back
    • We've given lots of thought to the long-standing requests and made the decision to revert the map
    • The reverted version is in the last stage of stabilization and will be revealed in the near future
    • With the rollback, many of the added features will be removed but we are deliberating on how we'll move forward with Sanhok's original form


Assault Rifles (AR) either use the 5.56mm or 7.62mm, but there seems to be a smaller pool of 7.62mm ARs that can use the full-auto firing mode. Therefore, one of our goals for Q2 is to add an additional 7.62mm AR to the mix.

  • For weapon variety, we are developing a new 7.62mm weapon
  • 7.62mm weapons have high DPS but are more difficult to control
  • The new 7.62mm weapon in development has a comparably lower DPS but is easier to control, positioned between the Beryl (high damage, difficult to control) and AKM (low damage, easier to control)


PUBG: Battlegrounds Training Mode has seen few major changes since its inception. With so many new players joining the game since Free-to-Play, we thought now was a good time to focus on more practical training areas.

  • Since the beginning of this year, we've been working to improve Training Mode
  • In the current Training Mode, players can train their skills with weapons and vehicles.
  • With Free-to-Play, more practical training programs are required.
    • Players will be able to practice PvP combat there
    • Adding Aim/Sound Training Room in the last update was part of the effort
    • 1vs1 training ground will be added where players can fight one-on-one as if they are on the real Battlegrounds
  • QoL updates are also in the pipeline:
    • Fast travel within the training grounds
    • Custom match training mode that allows players to train with friends


In PUBG, terrain can be just as important as the right loadout and good aim. We're constantly looking at maps to make sure they are tactically fair and fun. Paramo especially has some overly advantageous areas that we want to look at for balance adjustments.

  • There are some overly advantageous areas in the world, which will be adjusted for balance
  • We constantly improve terrain balance of the Battlegrounds by making adjustments
  • We want to make sure there is distinct gameplay on each map
  • The Paramo sub-update is scheduled for Q2.
    • Sub-updates for existing maps such as Miramar and Taego will follow as well.


We're always looking at little ways we can make a big difference in your quality of life as you play. While some systems are intentionally meant to be more difficult, there are definitely places we can improve.

  • PUBG has inconvenient elements by nature as a realistic Battle Royale rule, such as being unable to use heal and boost items in a vehicle's driver seat or having to guess the perfect timing of a cooked grenade.
  • Therefore, we want to find places we can reduce inconvenience without affecting core gameplay through systems such as the UI by providing the info players had to learn from experience.

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