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PUBG: Battlegrounds Adds Bluebomb Rush Mode In Latest Update
has released new details to the next update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, as it will be getting the new Bluebomb Rush Mode The update will be adding a bunch of content to the game, such as the aforementioned mode, as well as a new Reputation System for players to reward teammates with, a bunch of new[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals Details To Update 24.1
revealed new details to the next update coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds, as players will see Update 24.1 hit the test servers on Friday The two big additions coming out of this are a map change and a modification to tactical gear First, the gear will be changing to have its own "carrier" instead of taking[...]
Auto Draft
Krafton has released a new update this past week for PUBG: Battlegrounds, as they have given a lot of the cosmetics and additional items an upgrade The 23.2 update comes with a series of additions to the PUBG shop that will give you a chance to make your experience unique in-game This includes a collaborative[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases New Survivor Pass & Mode Extension
has launched a new update for PUBG: Battlegrounds today, as players can experience Update 23.1 with a new pass and more There's going to be some changes this time around as they are making edits to the maps over the course of several weeks, a change with the Intense Battle Royale mode, a new Survivor[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds
released a new update for PUBG: Battlegrounds that includes a few fun additions, along with an update to their 2023 content roadmap First off, players now have Normal Mode, which is essentially a place to have fun matches that don't revolve around rank There's also a new map going by the name Neon which adds[...]
Auto Draft
has revealed new content and celebration plans as PUBG: Battlegrounds has entered its sixth anniversary this week Update 22.2 has included new content, including a new Care Package weapon in the form of the FAMAS, as well as several balance adjustments to weapons like the AUG, M16AF, Mk47 Mutant, and P90 Along with themed billboards[...]
Bears Have Been Spotted In The Latest PUBG: Battlegrounds Update
has launched a new update today for PUBG: Battlegrounds, as you'll now encounter bears as part of the landscape of challenges Update 22.1 is officially live, and it brings a new danger to the map as you'll encounter bears who have no desire to hide, play dead, or negotiate against a common enemy They're just[...]
Krafton Reveals Eight Partnered Teams For 2023 PUBG Esports Season
As you can see from the graphic below, all eight of these teams are no strangers to PUBG: Battlegrounds or esports in general, as they have some familiar names and heavy hitters in the mix for 2023 And this is really only the first announcement as they set up the rest of the year, but[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases Update 21.2 This Week
has released a new update for PUBG: Battlegrounds this week, as players can five into the Update 21.2 content right now The update primarily brings in new updates to two different maps as players will see changes in Vikendi and Sanhok, as well as some new content for the training portion of the game. We got[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Will be Launching On The Epic Games Store
announced this week that they will finally be launching PUBG: Battlegrounds on the Epic Games Store for their players Yes, the ice has thawed a bit, and the once-major rival to Fortnite now has a home on the EGS, as players can download it for free and be able to play it from their launcher[...]
PUBG Global Championship 2022 Brings Back Pick'Em Challenge
We have the details from the team below as to what you can expect. Credit: Krafton Inc. PGC 2022 ITEMS FOR SALE IN PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS PGC 2022-themed in-game items will be available to purchase for PC and console players from Oct 26 – Dec 7 Thirty percent of the net sales will be contributed to the overall prize[...]
Dead By Daylight Comes To PUBG Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
have teamed up to bring the horror of Dead By Daylight to PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile Celebrating Halloween in both games with an epic crossover event, the game will provide some creepy aesthetics to both titles, as well as some costumes for you to dress up as with new skins, allowing you to[...]
Details Emerge For The PUBG Global Championship 2022
The tournament will be held in-person at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates and will be streamed across PUBG: Battlegrounds on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook channels Please see below for the full schedule and details for each stage: Group Stage: Nov 1-6: Teams will be split up into two groups of 16 teams (A and[...]
McLaren Will Add Multiple Cars To PUBG Battlegrounds In New Crossover
You can read everything coming to that update below. Credit: Krafton Inc. Drive in Style With McLaren Automotive: During PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' collaboration with McLaren Automotive, players will have the opportunity to obtain a "McLaren GT Standard – Onyx Black" vehicle skin, costume, gear, emote and more via in-game McLaren Loot Caches Players can also outfit the Coupe[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals Details To Update 19.1
revealed new details to the upcoming 19.1 update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, which mostly focuses on new items The update will arrive on August 10th for PC and August 18th for consoles, as you'll have access to the new MP9 weapon, defend with a new folding shield, ride in a new vehicle in the Pillar Security[...]
Assassin's Creed Is Coming To PUBG: Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
has revealed a new partnership with Ubisoft to have Assassin's Creed cross into PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile Two separate events will be kicking off in each game starting in mid-August, in which you will see some of "the tales of the Animus become the realities of the battlegrounds." You'll have a chance to[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals New Skin-Creation Workshop
has a new update for PUBG: Battlegrounds that might excite a few people as they have a new skin-creation workshop Much like you've probably seen in other games such as Rocket League when ti comes to blueprints, this new workshop will have you collecting materials as you see below to craft new skins you can[...]
PUBG Battlegrounds To Release Dest
has released more info about the next PUBG: Battlegrounds update as it will bring a brand new map to the game next week Patch 18.2 is set to be released on July 13th, and with it will come Deston, the latest 8×8 map that will keep you busy no matter where you end up You'll[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Launches Massive Cityscape Map Deston
has announced a brand new massive map coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds as we will be getting a dense cityscape setting called Deston Those of you who wanted to fight in maps that had multi-layers, chances for surprises, and a lot of corners are getting your wish on July 13th You are getting a partially flooded,[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases New Update With 1v1 Arena
is launching a new update into PUBG: Battlegrounds with new content, including the first 1v1 mode to grace the game The 17.2 Update will be released into the game on May 11th for PC and May 19th for consoles, as you'll be able to test each other's skills on a much more personal level in[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Brings Sanhok Map To Roots In Latest Update
has released new details to the next update coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds as a familiar map goes back to its roots The update, which will be 17.1, will go live on April 13th for PC and April 21st for consoles, as players will be able to experience the original design for the Sanhok map Nature[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Devs Reveal The Rest Of 2022 Plans
has released a ton of details from the PUBG: Battlegrounds sev team going over what they have planned for the rest of 2022 The team went super in-depth over what they are planning for each of the remaining three quarters, as you can see below where we've posted what they have coming in the immediate[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Loads 16,.2 Update To Test Servers
Krafton Inc, released new details today about the next update for PUBG: Battlegrounds as they're prepping it in the test servers The primary addition to this update is that they are introducing new Tactical Gear and an updated Map Service Plan to the game The first one is deigned to pepper different levels of armor[...]
Pick’em Challenge Launched For PUBG Global Championship 2021
Here's more details of how to participate. Credit: Krafton Inc. Fans can earn Voting Coupons – which allow them to participate in the Pick'em Challenge, predict match outcomes and receive EP – two different ways: Watch PGC 2021: Visit the in-game PUBG Esports tab weekly; while watching PGC 2021 a code will pop up that players can use[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Receives A Halloween Update To Erangel
released new details of the 14.1 patch for PUBG: Battlegrounds as they bring Halloween to the Erangel map The new patch has added in a number of changes and tweaks that players will be able to appreciate, but the big addition is that they've thrown in a bunch of Halloween cosmetics to the one specific[...]