PUBG Mobile Releases New Update For The Fourth Anniversary

Tencent Games has released a brand new update into PUBG Mobile today as they celebrate the game's fourth anniversary in style. The content introduces a ton of additions to the game as you're getting a new four-color swab across practically everything so the place looks more like a paintball arena than a battlefield. You're also getting a new mode of transportation in the form of an actual mountain bike. We have some of the details below for Version 1.9 release today, and you can get more details about the latest additions on their blog.

PUBG Mobile Releases New Update For The Fourth Anniversary
Credit: Tencent Games

Players leaving Spawn Island and dropping into the battlefield will now be able to battle in the sky on the new Aerial Battlefield. At the beginning of each match, players have the option to jump into a vibrant Aerial Battlefield, transforming into colorful puppets, and collect rich and radiant resources. Successful enemy hits will inflate their puppet heads and sustain the floating battlefield but hitting teammates will deflate it and drop the battlefield close to the ground. Time is of the essence, as the Aerial Battlefield only lasts for five minutes at the start of each match.

For those on the ground there is a new way to travel in PUBG Mobile. New folding mountain bikes can be found and used as a one-person vehicle. Players can put this silent bike, which doesn't need refueling or recharging, in their Backpack and take it out later when they need to get around in a hurry. Spawn Island is also getting a splash of new color. Players can find four different types of Colored Balls that can be used to dye certain buildings. Expect a vibrant Spawn Island the next time you log in! In themed mode, Colored Balls can also be used to summon four different giant statues, which when summoned together will put on a special performance.

Players will also discover a number of new camps in Erangel and Livik, containing valuable supplies, weapons and more. The Vibrant Plaza and Vibrant Camp, two new resource camp, will now appear in both maps. In the larger Vibrant Plaza, players can ​​check out the Bicycle Exhibit and other special anniversary areas. In the Vibrant Camp, players can see memory exhibits voted on by the community, collect combat supplies, souvenirs, and exclusive season memories. Military Camps, which include scanning stations that give players the opportunity to find the location of nearby vehicles, and Firearms Depots, holding valuable supplies, can now also be found in both maps.

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