"PUBG Mobile" Reveals Milestones To Close Out 2019

PUBG Mobile took a moment this week to announce some new milestone achievements, including reaching 600m downloads of the game. The company is also celebrating the success of their esports division, as they have taken in 532 million views since launch. Which amounts to 57 million hours of watched content for them. Not to mention having some of the biggest tournaments and prize pots happening in the world, most of them in the Asia Pacific region. Here's a quote and some added info from the company about their latest achievements as they head into 2020.

"PUBG Mobile" Reveals Milestones To Close Out 2019
Credit: Tencent

Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing, Tencent Games kicked off the massive event by thanking the PUBG Mobile community for their continued support, stating, "PUBG Mobile is more than just a game, it's a platform where players have fun, challenge themselves, keep in touch with friends and family, and meet new people." Vincent went on to tease several upcoming developments for PUBG Mobile, including a new colorblind feature and details about the highly-anticipated upcoming RageGear mode.

Vincent also revealed upcoming tactics to continually make PUBG Mobile a fair and inclusive game for all the players, including a new anti-cheat initiative "Project: Ban Pan" which will be composed of both an internal security system and out-of-game resources. The initiative will work in conjunction with the new Safety Station website which will continually address and prevent suspicious cheating behavior.

In addition, PUBG Mobile teamed up with superstar musicians Naim Daniel, Henry Lau and Badshah for exclusive live performances in between the 3-days competition, making the tournament more entertaining to watch.

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