PUBG Mobile Reveals Plans For 2020 World League Championship

PUNG Corp. revealed more details about the rest of the PUBG Mobile esports season today, including the 2020 World League Championship. Along with the reveal of Version 1.0 today, we learned that the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) and the World Championship will be combined into one event. That event will be the biggest global mobile esports tournament for the game and will be dubbed the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). Season Zero of PMGC will begin in late November with the plan right now to pit top pro teams from all regions against each other. Right now that includes the Americas, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and China. The winner of the Global Champions will take home the lion's share of a $2M prize pool. We have more info on the tournament below.

Welcome to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, courtesy of PUBG Corp.
Welcome to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, courtesy of PUBG Corp.

This year PUBG Mobile completed the structure for its global year-long esports program. The program now supports players of all levels from amateur to semi-pro and pro across multiple countries and regions ensuring a clear path to become esports stardom. At the base for every player such as National and Campus championships and various 3rd party events held in many countries, there will be more coming in more countries. For semi-pro players, the PMCO features this year 16 regions with over 150 countries. The total combined registrations from Spring and Fall reached over 120k, more and more players joined to enjoy the excitement of PUBG Mobile esports competitions.

The robust esports ecosystem saw the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) introduced to add an additional pro layer of competition. There are PMPLs hosting in 7 regions with a total of 152 teams participating and a groundbreaking success of over 28M total hours watched. In July and August, the brand-new PMWL Season Zero saw 40 teams in East and West league show their best skills during this amazing competition. The peak concurrent audience reached over 1.1M views, the total hours watched peaked over 40M hours, which breaks the record as the biggest viewership so far in PUBG Mobile esports. According to Esports Charts, PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East has become the most popular online-only event.

"Following the success of PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero, we knew we had to come up with an idea that would raise the bar even higher and create something truly extraordinary to close out the first year of our new esports program," said James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports. "2020 has been a huge challenge for everyone, and we hope to bring positivity and encouragement to the world through gaming and esports. We wanted to invite more regions that ever before to create a spectacular, highly competitive event for players and the community to enjoy around the globe."

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