PUBG: New State Reveals More Content & Gameplay Prior To Alpha

Krafton Inc. dropped a bunch of new information today about PUBG: New State as the game is preparing to launch the alpha test period. The big item we got today was a brand new video entitled "Field Trip to Troi," where the team shows off four new key points of interest including the Exhibition Hall, the Mall, the Laboratory, and the Trailer Park. Each one with its own advantages and disadvantages that will interest you and make for intense battles You can read about all four here and check out the video below. Meanwhile, the alpha test will run from June 11th-13th in the U.S. as they slowly prepare for the game to come out later in 2021.

PUBG: New State will launch onto mobile devices later this year, courtesy of Krafton Inc.
PUBG: New State will launch onto mobile devices later this year, courtesy of Krafton Inc.
  • Exhibition Hall – When viewed from the top, Exhibition Hall looks like a bull's eye, making it a hot place to target when dropping into a match. It features a wide, open-air center so players can land in its heart and start looting immediately. The area is designed with verticality in mind – players can opt to land on top in hopes of engaging enemies immediately or take a more stealthy approach by working their way through the building from below. New features like transparent bulletproof glass will change the ways players strategize and engage enemies while in Exhibition Hall.

  • Mall – While this zone features an open-roof concept, similar to Exhibition Hall, it stands on its own thanks to its variety of shops. Players can lock down a series of unique storefronts to get a jump on their enemies. Mall's roof will get hot quickly, but if players survive, they will find plenty of options to flank remaining enemies. Finally, players should look out for Mall's directional escalators. Players who go up the correct side will be able to navigate the space with speed. If they go on the wrong side, they will be sitting ducks.

  • Laboratory – This area features four levels of intense enclosures, making it perfect for frantic close-quarters combat. Players should expect to find various indirect and roundabout routes in the building, allowing them to flank or sneak around enemies. A key element of the area is the 'central security room,' which features transparent bulletproof glass to create some fun combat encounters.

  • Trailer Park – Originally a quaint place of residence, Trailer Park has been repurposed into a series of makeshift bunkers. To stand a chance in this area, players will need to vault, sneak and climb their ways to victory. If a quick exit is needed, players can use the ramp at the end of the runway to jet out of trouble.

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