"PUBG" On PC Receives A New 6.2 Update On The Test Servers

PUBG Corp. has loaded up a brand new update to the PC test servers, as PUBG is getting a few new experimental things for you to play with. The big additions this time around are Team Deathmatch, changes to the way grenades act, adjustments to leaning and peeking, and changes to the Karakin. You'll have until February 19th to play with this stuff before it gets loaded to the main servers. You can read the more intricate details here as we have an overview of the more important additions below.

"PUBG" On PC Receives A New 6.2 Update On The Test Servers
Credit: PUBG Corp.

Team Deathmatch Mode:

The first of these new ways is the classic Team Deathmatch mode, which will be available in Arcade for a limited time. In Team Deathmatch, two teams of eight will face off against each other in a winner takes all frag fest where the first team to reach 50 kills or who has the highest kills after ten minutes takes the round. The first team to secure two round victories is the overall winner of the match. Team Deathmatch features sections of PUBG's iconic maps that have been converted into smaller battlefields perfect for TDM mayhem.

Rebalanced Throwables: 

Update 6.2 also brings a much requested rebalance of throwables. Frag grenades, Molotovs, Smoke grenades, and stun grenades will now all weigh more, meaning you can carry fewer of them in your inventory. Vests will now also mitigate frag grenade damage and fire from molotovs will spread considerably faster. There are many more changes to throwables, so check out our patch notes for more information.

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