Fan Favorite Raid Ulduar Returns to World of Warcraft This Week

Fan Favorite Raid Ulduar Returns to World of Warcraft This Week

Ulduar, one of the most beloved raids from World of WarcraftWrath of the Lich Kingis playable this week. Players can group up and run through the entirety of the old raid, complete with a modern difficulty and relevant loot drops thanks to World of Warcraft's latest timewalking event.

However, there's a catch. Once the weekly reset happens on Tuesday, February 20th, Ulduar will go back to being a legacy raid. Much like when Blizzard revived the Black Temple raid to be available during Burning Crusade Timewalking weeks, Ulduar will only be available for one week at a time.

The raid itself is as you remember it back when it released in 2009. The only difference is that the difficulty of the raid has been adjusted to be similar to a modern raid's normal setting. Unfortunately, players can't adjust the raid's difficulty setting so you've either got to get good and learn to run Ulduar as it stands or hope someone can carry you through. If you find it too easy, well, we're sorry to say you are similarly out of luck.

Any player who is level 80 or above can play the Timewalking version of Ulduar and receive gear appropriate for their current level. For example, players who are currently level 110 will receive 930 gear. If you've never played Ulduar before, there are some helpful guides out there to get you ready to run the raid. Or you can fly in blind, if that's how you like to raid.

There are 14 boss fights in the Ulduar raid, including the Old God of a thousand faces, Yogg-Saron. This raid is not to be taken lightly, but some retro WoW gear awaits you if you succeed.

If you miss out on Ulduar this week, it'll be back for the week of May 22nd.

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