Rainbow Billy: The Curse Of The Leviathan Will Release October 5th

Skybound Games announced this week that Rainbow Billy: The Curse Of The Leviathan is coming to PC and consoles on October 5th, 2021. Developed by ManaVoid Entertainment, this is basically a fun goofball kind of game with a silly premise, but it's actually a bit challenging. As the title character, you will explore the World of Imagination and all of the islands within it. Which includes the Prehistoric peninsula Dinoland, the icy peaks of Frightfrost Mountain, the haunted depths of Sunken Harbor, and the mysterious golden temple of the Sanctum of Self. But a grey force has taken over many of these lands and it's up to you to bring light and joy back to them, armed with empathy, a talking fishing rod named Rodrigo, and a boat named the Friend-Ship. You can enjoy the trailer for this RPG title below as it'll be out in two weeks.

Can Rainbow Billy bring light and color back to the world? Courtesy of Skybound Games.
Can Rainbow Billy bring light and color back to the world? Courtesy of Skybound Games.

Rainbow Billy: The Curse Of The Leviathan is a wholesome, creature capture, 2.5D Adventure-Puzzle-Platformer with RPG elements. It is a family-friendly and openly accessible adventure in which you must save whimsical creatures by bringing back color to the world you once knew! Rainbow Billy tells a universal coming of age story about dealing with changes in the world and accepting ourselves and the others around us! Sometimes it only takes a conversation, empathy, and a new point of view to make a world of a difference.

From dark caverns on secret islands to hidden coves off in the stormy seas, explore a rich world filled with treasure, fish (because every great game has a fishing minigame!), friendship and… danger! Each world is filled with clever challenges and secrets that unlock new areas to explore! Meet over 60 strange, lovable creatures and help them with their problems in non-violent encounters! Create your own unique team to save the day! Restore color to a monochrome world and help your friends find the courage to be their true selves in a story about empathy and growth.

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