Rainbow Six Siege is Getting a Free Weekend This Week

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege is getting another free weekend later this week on all consoles.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has gone on to become a huge force in the multiplayer first-person shooter space. While the game didn't set the world on fire when it first landed, it was nurtured and cared for by Ubisoft, with the title now growing its audience ever larger. It now has a significant audience and remains incredibly popular in its genre, the developers showing that giving a game a little TLC can do wonders for its long-term future.

Well, if you have yet to hop into the hardcore, objective based shooter, you are going to be able to later this week. It's been announced that Rainbow Six: Siege is having another free weekend starting this Thursday and running from Monday. From August 16-20, 2018, players will be able to hop into the game for free and try out the game. This goes for all consoles as well. Rainbow Six Siege will be available to try on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC and PlayStation 4 will be able to pre-load the game, but Xbox One will compensate by starting its trial four hours earlier on Thursday.

All progress and anything you unlock will be available if you decide to buy the game outright after the weekend.

If you haven't played Rainbow Six Siege, it really is worth giving ago. It's a very unique experience compared to most military first-person shooters out there, being much more tactical and having a very short time-to-kill. Why not give it a go though? You can hop in for free. There is nothing holding you back.