Ravensburger Has Launched The Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game

Ravensburger launched a brand new game this week tied to a franchise as the Pusheen Purrfect Pick card game. Based on the popular series of images that have been around for nearly a decade, the company got together with its creators to make an adorable new card game (2-5 players, ages 8+) that is family-friendly, designed to be easy-to-learn and is engaging. The game has players planning their "purrfect weekend" by collecting essentials from the board and using them to take snapshots. A kinda clever way of using the character to their utmost from social media. You can read more about the game below along with a quote from its creator, as it will officially go on sale on Pusheen's birthday (February 18th) for $20.

A look at the Pusheen Purrfect Pick card game, courtesy of Ravensburger.
A look at the Pusheen Purrfect Pick card game, courtesy of Ravensburger.

Gather friends and other essentials from Pusheen's house to bake, lounge, snack, and create meowgical moments. Be the first to collect ten stars as you take snapshots of your weekend fun! To play, choose one side of the double-sided game board; you can play in Pusheen's house or in the park! Lay out Essentials cards around the board. Essentials include Friends like Dragonsheen, Pusheenicorn, Mermaid Pusheen, Sloth, Stormy, and more; Items like gems, cupcakes, and hot chocolate; and Action cards that let you do something special on your turn! On your turn, you'll move Pusheen on the board, and either take one of the cards next to her or draw a card from the deck. As you collect Essentials, you'll be able to turn them in to collect Snapshots. Each Snapshot card is worth a certain number of stars. The first player to collect 10 stars wins!

"Pusheen Purrfect Pick is a fun and adorable game that captures Pusheen's humor! Our team really enjoyed working closely with Ravensburger on its development," says Claire Belton, Pusheen's creator and CEO.

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