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Ravensburger Reveals New Marvel & Disney Versions Of Labyrinth
Ravensburger showed off two new versions of the game Labyrinth that are officially on sale today with both Disney and Marvel The two titles are Disney Villains Labyrinth (going for $37), which speaks for itself as you're playing the game with some of the company's most famous villains, and Spidey and His Amazing Friends Labyrinth[...]
Ravensburger Has Revealed Marvel Villainous: We Are Venom
Ravensburger revealed the latest addition to their Villainous line of games with the new Marvel Villainous: We Are Venom edition As you might suspect from the box art and the name, you'll be dealing with the alien symbiote, or to be more accurate, you'll be Venom, and other players will have to deal with you[...]
Ravensburger Launches Seven New Warner Bros. Puzzle Titles
Ravensburger revealed they have released seven new tabletop puzzle titles revolving around different Warner Bros properties The new sets come as part of their continued partnership as they have done a few different sets with them in the past This time around, you're getting brand new 1,000-2,000 piece puzzles featuring properties such as Harry Potter,[...]
Ravensburger Announces Puerto Rico 1897 Is Coming In October
Ravensburger announced that their latest board game Puerto Rico 1897 will be coming out next month via Amazon This is an interesting addition to their library of games as it takes place the year after Puerto Rico achieved political autonomy and separated itself from the colonial Spanish government So you are effectively running the country[...]
Ravensburger To Publish The Great British Baking Show Game
Ravensburger announced today that they will be publishing The Great British Baking Show Game, set to be released later this Summer The game aims to bring you all of the thrilling baking action of the reality TV show from the kitchen to your gaming table in this two to four-player game You will be playing[...]
Ravensburger Announces New Board Game Called Lunar Outpost
Ravensburger revealed a new sci-fi tabletop game on the way as you'll be building and maintaining a base on the moon in Lunar Outpost This is an interesting take on sci-fi board games as the team created this new cooperative experience that was inspired by the PBS science series NOVA They sat down and developed[...]
Ravensburger To Release Star Wars Puzzles For The First Time In U.S.
Ravensburger has revealed on Star Wars Day 2022 that they have officially released a new line of Star Wars puzzles for the first time in the U.S Primarily the company, being an international entity, has been making a number of its products in Europe, and sometimes things they make don't always cross the pond Now[...]
Ravensburger Reveals Star Wars Villainous Coming This Summer
Ravensburger has revealed the latest addition to their Villainous line of board games with the new Star Wars Villainous edition Set in the Star Wars galaxy, the game plays like previous editions of the series, only this time around you get to play as one of five characters from the sci-fi franchise including Darth Vader,[...]
Ravensburger Reveals Several 2022 Tabletop Titles
Ravensburger revealed some of their games coming out in 2022 as there are some cool titles on the way from famous properties Aside from the already announced Disney Villainous expansion that will feature Syndrome from The Incredibles, the big one on the list is a new adventure book game based on The Wizard Of Oz![...]
Ravensburger Announces Disney Villainous: Bigger & Badder
Ravensburger has announced a new expansion to the Disney Villainous line of games as they will be releasing Bigger & Badder next year Much as they have in the past, you're getting three new villain characters from different Disney and Pixar films and franchises to add to the mix of the main game The three[...]
Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game Hits Shelves from Ravensburger
Ravensburger, the publisher behind board games such as Marvel Villainous and Disney's Gargoyles: The Awakening, has announced the release of the new tabletop game Pokémon Labyrinth in North America Let's take a look at what this board game will offer. Pokémon Labyrinth Credit: Ravensburger Ravensburger gave the details for Pokémon Labyrinth in their press release, watching: Previously released in[...]
Ravensburger Will Release Super Mario Labyrinth Next Week
Ravensburger announced today that they will be releasing a special crossover version of Labyrinth as we're getting Super Mario Labyrinth As you might suspect, you're getting the classic gameplay of the totally randomized path-creating game with a number of the iconic characters from the Nintendo franchise rolled into one It doesn't appear as if they've[...]
Ravensburger Reveals American Monsters & New Mystery Board Games
Ravensburger revealed two new haunting board games on the way as both of them have a bit of horror and mystery to them The two games in question are Horrified: American Monsters and Echoes: An Audio Mystery Game, both of which have their own flavor when it comes to keeping players on their toes[...]
Ravensburger North America Reveals Their 2021 Board Games Lineup
Ravensburger has revealed today that the highly anticipated Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game has been released Ever since the game was announced back in February, it's slowly been growing a life of its own online through Taco Bell enthusiasts And why not? Considering how obsessed that fandom can be at times, especially the gaming[...]
Giveaway Win A Free Copy Of Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo
Would you like to win a set of the Ravensburger board game Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo? All you need is a Twitter account The company will be releasing the game later this summer as you will play as the fated crew of the ship from the original film and try to keep the alien[...]