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Ravensburger Will Release Super Mario Labyrinth Next Week
Ravensburger announced today that they will be releasing a special crossover version of Labyrinth as we're getting Super Mario Labyrinth As you might suspect, you're getting the classic gameplay of the totally randomized path-creating game with a number of the iconic characters from the Nintendo franchise rolled into one It doesn't appear as if they've[...]
Ravensburger Reveals American Monsters & New Mystery Board Games
Ravensburger revealed two new haunting board games on the way as both of them have a bit of horror and mystery to them The two games in question are Horrified: American Monsters and Echoes: An Audio Mystery Game, both of which have their own flavor when it comes to keeping players on their toes[...]
Ravensburger North America Reveals Their 2021 Board Games Lineup
Ravensburger has revealed today that the highly anticipated Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game has been released Ever since the game was announced back in February, it's slowly been growing a life of its own online through Taco Bell enthusiasts And why not? Considering how obsessed that fandom can be at times, especially the gaming[...]
Giveaway Win A Free Copy Of Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo
Would you like to win a set of the Ravensburger board game Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo? All you need is a Twitter account The company will be releasing the game later this summer as you will play as the fated crew of the ship from the original film and try to keep the alien[...]
Ravensburger Unveils Marvel Villainous: Mischief & Malice
Ravensburger has unveiled a new item to the Marvel Villainous line of games with the latest addition, Mischief & Malice A follow-up to the awesome board game that was released last year, this expansion will do for the main game what the regular expansions have done for the main Villainous series You'll be getting three[...]
Ravensburger North America Reveals Their 2021 Board Games Lineup
Ravensburger North America revealed their 2021 lineup for board games on the way with a few awesome surprises! The big names jumping out from this list are they we're getting a game for the movie Alien as well as one for the '90s Disney animated show Gargoyles! Those are two cool properties to snag, and[...]
Ravensburger Reveals New GraviTrax PRO Expansions
Ravensburger revealed a new line of marble games accessories as they will be releasing the GraviTrax PRO expansions You might recognize some of these sets from Jelle's Marble Runs, as they use these for their marble competitions on YouTube, which we highly recommend you go check out The company will be releasing a new starter[...]
Disney Villainous Reveals A New Expansion With Despicable Plots
Ravensburger revealed today that Disney Villainous will be getting another expansion in the form of Despicable Plots This collection is mighty interesting as all of the expansion so far has had a balanced mix, this one seems to be more on the dastardly side of things The three characters you'll get with this pack include[...]
Ravensburger Has Launched The Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game
Ravensburger launched a brand new game this week tied to a franchise as the Pusheen Purrfect Pick card game Based on the popular series of images that have been around for nearly a decade, the company got together with its creators to make an adorable new card game (2-5 players, ages 8+) that is family-friendly,[...]
Ravensburger Launches A Kids' Puzzle Design Contest
Ravensburger announced this week they have started a kids puzzle contest with the Puzzles Funds the Cure design contest The contest itself will run from January 1st-30th, in partnership with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, as they will encourage kids to create a design that inspires hope and turn it into a puzzle Ten winners[...]
Ravensburger Announces The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game
Who says life is fair, where is that written? Hopefully in the pages of Ravensburger's latest title, The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game This is a pretty cool concept from the company as you won't just be running around doing a standard tabletop version of the film Instead, you'll be running through the "book" in[...]
Ravensburger Announces WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game
World-renowned game designer Ravensburger has announced the launch of the WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game This new game will be available via pre-order on Amazon and will officially release at retail stores across the nation on July 26th of this year. The front of the box for the WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game by[...]
Back To The Future: Dice Through Time, By Ravensburger: A Review
Ravensburger is a company that's known for their exquisitely-made puzzles, board games, and craft kits. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is definitely one of those games that fits that description to a T We got a chance to review it, and here's what we think! The front lid of Back to the Future: Dice Through[...]
Ravensburger Announces Back To The Future Board Game!
Ravensburger, the renowned maker of puzzles and board games such as Villainous, has announced plans to re-imagine the Back To The Future intellectual property in the form of one of their board games The game is called Back To The Future: Dice Through Time and will be available exclusively at Target stores starting on June 21st,[...]
"Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power" Unveiled!
Ravensburger, renowned makers of many different jigsaw puzzles and board games, has released a new game in their Villainous line. Source: Ravensburger Entitled Marvel Villainous, Infinite Power, it follows in the footsteps of various Villainous games surrounding the villains of Disney's canon. From the press release by Ravensburger: Seattle, Wash., Feb 19, 2020 – Ravensburger, the acclaimed maker of high-quality board[...]