Razer Unveils The Wolverine V2 Pro Game Controller For PS5

Razer has revealed a brand new version of one of their gaming controllers as they have unveiled the Wolverine V2 Pro for the PlayStation 5. The company created this special version to work with the next-gen console as well as PC, giving you all the enhancements and improvements you would normally find in a standard PS5 controller, but with Razer's spin on things. Complete with the ability to program the colors coming off of it for that personal touch to beam off the white exterior. The controller is currently selling at $250 on their website, as we have more info from them below about the design.

Razer Unveils The Wolverine V2 Pro Game Controller For PS5
Credit: Razer

"One of the biggest updates from the Wolverine V2 Chroma to the Wolverine V2 Pro is our HyperSpeed wireless technology. This allows our Wolverine V2 Pro to be the first high-speed wireless controller, meeting the demands of the competitive gamer. Delivering an ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless connection via its included USB Type-A dongle, the controller ensures seamless, low-latency performance on PS5 consoles and PC. Also found on the previous Razer Wolverine Ultimate, these buttons feel great, sound cool, and respond fast. We've continued to bring similar tech found in our pro gaming mice to our controller line-up. This tech provides the same input advantages to give you the competitive edge and makes the Wolverine V2 Pro one of the fastest controllers out there, reducing the actuation distance by 35% compared to that of the average membrane controller."

"Durability is also enhanced with a 3-million tap life cycle, ensuring that you get the most out of the controller. Razer Mecha-Tactile buttons boast up to 40% faster actuation and response time compared to other controllers in the market. There are 2-stage trigger stop-switches built into the back of the controller. These allow you to adjust the pull distance of the RT and LT triggers. Feel and hear every single directional press as microswitches are engaged, enabling accurate and intentional moves when doing intricate combos. With the 8 Way D-Pad, this allows you to feel the clicks of the intercardinal directions allowing for more precision in fighting games."

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